Unily lands Manchester Airports Group deal to deliver a state-of-the-art digital workplace

Manchester Airports Group (MAG), the biggest airport group in the UK, has agreed to develop a unifying digital workplace platform with Unily. MAG will use Unily’s cutting-edge cloud-based technology to empower its international workforce and elevate the employee experience of more than 7000 users.

Unily and MAG will work together to develop a comprehensive intranet solution for MAG employees. The Unily platform will centralize MAG’s digital landscape with a single solution for desktop, tablet, and mobile users alike, unifying their disparate global estate and delivering connectivity across their diverse USA locations for the first time.

Unily‘s award-winning digital workplace will bring new levels of expansive digital experiences to the fingertips of MAG employees. The Unily intranet platform will deliver a feature-rich solution packed with the latest innovations in communication and collaboration technology to drive employee engagement and productivity. Unily will bring MAG into the future of work with an award-winning Out-of-the-Box platform.

The announcement follows a trend in leading global enterprises in the air travel sector turning to digital workplace technology to empower employees with engaging working environments, streamlined for heightened productivity.

Platform key features:

  • Multi-channel communications platform integrating new forms functionality, digital signage solutions, eNewsletters, mobile push notifications, and enterprise social features into one communications solution
  • A centralized employee hub unifying enterprise resources into a single source of truth solution
  • A customizable and configurable Out-of-the-Box intranet solution capable of rapid deployment
  • Feature-rich capabilities built into a branded native mobile app, delivering powerful digital experiences to frontline employees

“Unily is delighted to be collaborating with the team at Manchester Airports Group to transform their digital landscape and deliver innovative communication, collaboration, and productivity tools. We are excited to partner with MAG to bring our cutting-edge technologies to their workforce,” commented Paul Jackson, Senior Vice President of Sales at Unily.

About MAG

MAG sees over 61 million passengers flying through its airports every year, which directly serve 270 global destinations. With Manchester International Airport, the global gateway to the north; East Midlands Airport, the UK’s largest dedicated freight hub; and London Stansted, which drives more tourists to London from Europe than any other airport; MAG employs over 7,000 people on-site. With two of the largest airports in the UK, developments in the US, and property assets of over $840 million, MAG contributes over $9 billion to the UK economy and supports more than 130,000 jobs on the supply chain.

About Unily

Unily was founded in 2005 by two British entrepreneurs to provide modern enterprises with a technology solution to overcome challenges surrounding communication, collaboration, productivity, and engagement across diverse workforces. The company boasts a portfolio of FTSE 500 clients who use their Intranet, Extranet, and Portal solutions to serve beautiful, functional digital experiences to B2E, B2B, and B2C audiences. Their digital workplace uses the latest platform technology to provide companies with a flexible solution that can be adapted to meet any enterprise need.

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