Take off: Unily's digital workplace technology chosen by Cathay Pacific to drive employee engagement

Digital Experience specialist Unily has today announced the rollout of its new digital workplace communications software for Cathay Pacific, the leading Hong Kong based airline.

The new digital employee portal will connect employees based across the world, supporting 26,000 employees at Cathay Pacific and a further 10,000 business partners. Based in Hong Kong and listed on its stock exchange, Cathay Pacific flies to 230 destinations in 53 countries or territories.

Unily’s Digital Experience Cloud (DXC) product moves the dial on what is possible with employee engagement. By adopting this new breed of digital workplace platform, businesses have control over how to communicate effectively across their organizations in a way they weren’t able to previously.

Moving away from the old-style intranet systems that were ‘shop windows’ for the company; this new offer is a flexible, completely personalized, connected space with features that mirror familiar social media tools. Amongst their colleagues, Cathay Pacific employees will be able to like, share and comment on relevant company news feeds or share work projects in real time.  It aids communication which needs to cross borders and company functions. Employees can truly feel connected wherever they are in the world.

Carly Nankin, Head of Internal Communications and Engagement:
“The Unily platform has provided us with a canvas from which to transform the way we organize and curate content.  In turn, it means our employees can access relevant content more quickly, choose how and when they stay informed and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate more effectively with colleagues. The new portal is the centerpiece of Cathay’s wider commitment to its digital employee experience programme” 

Part of the picture of a wider business transformation programme, Cathay Pacific’s new digital employee portal ‘The Hub’ will be rolled out from Q2 2019. The portal will also be available on mobile devices.

Digital workplace platforms are the ‘next generation’ of employee communication and engagement tools and Unily is one of the leading players in the sector. Formed in 2005, the company is one of Britain’s fast growing independent tech businesses developing digital workplace platforms for mega global brands including; Shell, McDonalds, Telstra and L’Oréal. It currently employs 120 people around the globe. In recent years Unily has seen its revenue grow substantially, this year they are predicted to hit revenues over £20m. Currently, approximately 60% of its revenue comes from the US which indicates Unily’s attractiveness as a product that has global applications with over 2 million unique users.

Anthony Woo, Unily CEO APAC said “Working with Cathay Pacific is a huge opportunity for us as we expand rapidly in the APAC region and the aviation sector. Airlines are complex, customer focused organisations that require robust and user-friendly technology to enable their employees to stay connected despite being highly agile. We’re very proud that Unily was chosen to deliver this experience for Cathay Pacific”

In April 2018 Unily launched Unily Success, a success portal for all clients to exchange ideas and best practice. Unique to the market, the portal now hosts users from more than 150 global businesses.

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