Inside the world's most productive intranet

As global productivity is reported to still be in decline, it has to be said that there’s one man in town whose productivity rates are through the roof year on year. With the population rising by 11% in the last 10 years, Santa’s productivity has increased alongside it, getting presents under the tree for every family around the world who celebrate Christmas Day.

A modern intranet platform keeps the North Pole running like the well-oiled machine it is. From the elves on the frontline creating and wrapping presents, to the management of the Naughty and Nice list, to Santa keeping track of results, North Pole connectivity is essential to success. With exclusive access given to BrightStarr and Unily, we’ve gone inside Santa’s Grotto for a first-hand look at the intranet that supports the world’s most productive employees. Here’s what we found:

Elf and Safety

With a production line churning out billions of toys and gifts for people across the globe, the North Pole manufacturing team are working under a lot of pressure and to tight deadlines. The last thing Santa needs is an elf and safety mishap shutting down production this close to the big day. Mrs Clause makes sure that everyone has read and agreed to safety protocols through an intranet form which the elves can complete on their mobiles on their break.

Notifications of the naughty

As the elves work through a mountain of Christmas wish lists, with just a few taps on his keyboard Santa can send a push notification to the production managers cancelling the gifts of any of those boys and girls unlucky enough to find themselves on the naughty list in the 11th hour. It’s not a pleasant task, but someone’s got to do it!

Opinion pole

During the festive season, no elves can give up valuable toy-creation time to chat to Mrs Clause about the new additions to the winter menu or the new naughty list management. Instead, an elf opinion pole is posted on the homepage of the intranet, with daily polls on the Christmas Menu, which Christmas songs to play in the factory, which reindeers should fly the sleigh and who should win elf of the year. These quick polls help the elves to quickly give feedback, without getting a telling off from Mr Clause!

Spreading Christmas spirit

As presents are received around the world, the North Pole team keep an eye on Twitter for any heart-warming stories from families around the world. To give every elf a warm and fuzzy feeling, they write up the best of the stories and post them on the intranet, giving the elves a place to comment and react to the news. There’s no better way for the elf community to see the joy their hard work brings!

Post-Christmas wellbeing newsletter

The first thing that happens post-Christmas eve for the few inhabitants of the North Pole is a big Christmas blow out party which as you can imagine involves a lot of food and drink. In January Mrs Clause kicks off the weekly wellness newsletter. This email newsletter is designed to help shrug off the unwelcome winter ‘coat’ that Santa and many of the elves gain as well as promoting a positive attitude to the new year and getting back to work. Crucially Mrs Clause is able to build this in the intranet and send it to different target audiences. It seems promoting eating carrots as part of a healthy diet was lost on the reindeer who do this all year round… who knew!

A year in review

In January, Santa likes to show the elves what they have achieved over the course of the year. This is done through quickly building a custom intranet homepage with a lot of stories and pictures of happy families from around the world all opening presents. Just the motivation the elves need as opposed to the mind boggling maths of how many presents each of the almost eight billion people on the planet received and collating qualitative data on how much they liked them.

We will keep this one short and sweet but be sure to share any of your suggestions for Santa’s intranet with us via our social media channels.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Stuart Aldridge UI Development Team Lead

Stuart leads the UI team, and has a particular interest in client branded sites, as he created the branding engine for Unily. His role involves producing and styling custom user interfaces, running projects, and overseeing his team. All this is backed up with a degree in Digital Media Arts, HTML5/Javascript skills and years of hands on experience. Stuart started his career in a design focused role, so is able to bring his eye for the aesthetic as well as solid development skills. Stuart is known for his ability to simplify the complex which serves him well in his role.

Aside from programming, Stuart is into martial arts – Small Circle Jujitsu and Wing Chun, to be precise. On off days he can also be found spending time with his young family.

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