Hexion inspires employees with animated launch video

Animated explainer videos can be hugely impactful when used as part of a wider digital workplace launch campaign, communicating the benefits and functionality of a new platform in a quick and digestible format. Hexion did just that, commissioning an animated video to support the launch of their Unily intranet, Hexion Connect. Take a look!

Hexion are the pioneers of higher chemistry, a chemistry designed to address the most pressing issues of our time.  For over 100 years, Hexion has been advancing specialty chemicals and performance materials, with the company’s success and employee count growing consistently.

Hexion came to Unily to create a modern digital workplace to connect employees from the inside out, making it easier to share knowledge and information from anywhere, helping new ideas and innovation to flourish.

To ensure the new digital workplace had an impact, Hexion crafted an inspiring launch campaign to explain the purpose of the new intranet to employees and get everyone on-board. Part of this campaign was an animated video to introduce the functionality of Hexion Connect. The video puts the functionality of the platform into perspective for employees, explaining the problems it will solve. This helped employees to see how the platform would benefit their everyday work life, rather than trying to understand a whole host of brand new tools and applications.

Take a look and get some inspiration for your own digital workplace explainer video!

Video created by: SolidLine Media

Emma Horder Unily Customer Success Manager

Emma was a teacher in her past life and her skills are now being put to use as a customer success manager. This involves project managing the launch of her customer’s new intranet solution and then coaching and mentoring users to ensure maximum take up of the solution. She facilitates the onboarding process and supports new Unily customers to optimize adoption across their while business. She prides herself on being supportive to both colleagues and customers.

Emma grew up in the UK and moved Stateside after college, where she has remained for the last 15 years. When she’s not busy being a wife and Mother, Emma counts Game of Thrones box sets as a guilty pleasure.

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