Canon brings employee experience into focus with a Unily intranet

Unily, an award-winning intranet provider, is proud to announce a new partnership with Canon (in the Oceania region), a world-leading imaging brand. The enterprises will collaborate to launch a state-of-the-art digital workplace solution to connect and inspire more than 2k employees across Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Canon and Unily partner for employee experience success

For nearly 40 years Canon has delivered products and services in the Oceania region to enable people to connect, communicate, and achieve more than they thought possible. With employees spread across the region, Canon sought to launch a centralized digital workplace that would connect, engage, and drive efficiency in a dispersed workforce.

The new intranet will provide a personalized experience to all users, allowing them to perform their roles and engage with relevant communications from a central digital portal. Through seamless integrations with Canon Oceania’s third-party applications, the platform will also play a key role in helping employees achieve peak productivity.

Following a comprehensive search to find the correct partner, Unily was selected for impressive configuration options that would enable Canon to deliver a unique experience to every user.

“This is another great win for Unily, and an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a leading imaging enterprise that reaches countless users,” said Ben Kelly, Unily’s Business Development Manager. “We are thrilled with the partnership and look forward to continued work with the Canon team to drive engagement and productivity throughout their workforce.”

After launching in 2005, Unily has become one of the fastest-growing independent technology companies in Britain. The enterprise has partnered with a multitude of renowned organizations, including Shell, L’Oreal, and McDonald’s. Unily is the 7-time award winner of Nielson Norman’s Intranet Design of the Year Award and has been chosen as Clearbox’s 2020 Intranet of Choice.

About Canon

Canon is a world-leading imaging brand that actively inspires and enables people to achieve more than they ever thought they could through products, services, and solutions for business and consumers. Australia’s most trusted camera brand [1], Canon has ranked among the top-five US patent recipients for the past 34 years and had global revenues of more than $US36 billion in 2018. Also part of the Canon Group in the Oceania region are Canon Finance Australia, SUNSTUDIOS, Converga, and Harbour IT. For more information, visit Canon's site or explore their social pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

1Shopper Media Survey July 2019, n=10,735

About Unily

Unily is an award-winning digital workplace and intranet solution that powers better work for 3 million enterprise users across the globe. Loved by the world’s most iconic brands, including Shell, L’Oreal and British Airways, Unily brings best-in-breed employee engagement and productivity solutions to workforces worldwide. Always innovating, Unily has grown from a British technology start-up into a leading player in the digital workplace space. The company adopts internationally recognized standards for the management of Business Information Security, with both ISO27001 and SOC 2 accreditations. Unily serves its customers through offices in Surrey, UK; New York; Seattle and Sydney.

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