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Discover Gartner's top tips for creating a world-class intranet strategy to enhance employee experience in the new world of work.

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Is your intranet strategy fit for 2021?

With the right technology and the right strategy, the modern intranet stands to solve a catalog of enterprise challenges. From increasing workforce productivity and engagement to improving access to knowledge and strengthening company culture; a properly strategized enterprise intranet has the potential to deliver extensive business impact. But what does a world-class intranet strategy look like in 2021?

Drawing from thousands of conversations over many years, Gartner has pulled together a set of top practices exhibited by the most successful enterprises from around the world. Three of these top practices continue to surface as consistent points of failure. They revolve around intranet governance, intranet processes, and intranet deployment strategies.

Whether you are modernizing an outdated intranet, or simply refining your modern intranet, these top practices will help you to ensure the success of your project.

Inside the guide:

  • Discover best practice for launching and maintaining a world-class intranet
  • Learn how to combat the most common pitfalls of intranet delivery
  • Get tips for optimizing your intranet strategy for the future of work
  • Find out how to deliver more ROI from your intranet investment
  • Benchmark your success against an industry standard

Who should read this guide?

Whether your an IT leader, internal communications professional, or HR executive, these tips are designed for anyone seeking to optimize their intranet software for the future of work.

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