How to prepare your business for a social intranet

Making the move from a static, brochure-style intranet to a dynamic and social engagement platform can be a huge undertaking. To make this process easier, we've put together a comprehensive guide in partnership with simplycommunicate, outlining 16 steps to take you from gathering objectives to measuring ongoing success. Download this guide by filling in the form on the right.

preparing business for a social intranet guide cover

Inspired by Brightstarr’s award-winning customer success framework and the experience of digital workplace strategists from simplycommunicate, this guide is designed to support Communicators and Intranet Managers who may be stepping into unchartered territory, taking on responsibilities that have previously been in the realm of the IT team.

This guide will take you through 16 steps including:

  1. Establishing objectives
  2. How to talk to users
  3. Refining requirements
  4. Undertaking a technology audit
  5. Creating a steering comittee
  6. Governance: rule or relax?
  7. Information management and GDPR
  8. Creating a communication campaign
  9. Measuring success

With this and much more, this guide is essential reading for anyone involved in a modern intranet project, hoping to get an understanding of what's really involved in creating a successful platform.

Download the complete guide

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