How to measure the value of your digital workplace

On one hand, it’s simple. How much did your digital workplace cost to create? The technology involved, design time, licensing, and its ongoing support all have tangible associated costs. On the other hand, measuring its overall future value is a more challenging question to answer, but is essential to know. Download our guide today to help you figure out the best way to prepare and measure the value of your digital workplace.

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It’s more important than ever to prove value. A digital workplace is no longer just the preserve of the IT team, as it touches on so many different aspects of what a business does. Because of this, many stakeholders will want to understand your new platform's value, especially if if has been brought in to deal with a number of difficult business challenges.

This guide by Unily's Head of Customer Insight, Martyn Perks, will help by defining what to measure and what to expect from it.

This guide will cover:

  • Measurement myths
  • How to go about defining value
  • The Measurement Toolbox 
  • Measurement tips and tricks

This guide is perfect for senior managers, function owners, intranet administrators, designers to editors and authors. Everyone involved in the planning, execution and ongoing maintenance of your digital workplace.

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