How to create an effective enterprise social network

Enterprise Social is no longer a hot trend, it is an essential business tool supporting greater employee productivity and collaboration. To find out how enterprise social networking tools can enhance your digital workplace, download our whitepaper today.

enterprise social networking guide

Unily has years of experience with enterprise social networks, working to integrate them into wider intranet and digital workplace platforms to maximize adoption. In this guide, we’ve pooled our knowledge to help you get started with your own network and drive understanding and support internally.

In this whitepaper, we cover:

  • What is enterprise social networking?
  • Why use an enterprise social network?
  • Where to start with enterprise social networks?
  • Overcoming objections to enterprise social networks

Unily has several options for enterprise social networking. The platform has its own home-grown social platform, designed to drive engagement with custom reactions and private channels. Unily can also integrate with ESNs such as Yammer or Salesforce Chatter. Learn more about Unily’s social capabilities here or get in touch with us today for more information.

Download the complete guide

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