7 steps to rapidly launch a remote work solution

Every moment counts when it comes to safeguarding your enterprise in the face of uncertainty. From improving output levels to overcoming disruption, remote working can pave the way for sustained growth, but employees need access to the right tools in order to prove successful.

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All signs point to going remote

The impetus behind remote work is at an all-time high, and with good reason: work from home policies have been linked with higher productivity levels, decreased attrition rates, and fewer sick days. Arming employees with the tools needed to facilitate optimized remote work will also pay off in the future, as Gartner expects the demand for telecommuting to rise 30% by 2030.

Leaders who are looking to pave the way for future success in the here and now should start by ensuring their employees have the digital tools needed to make the most of remote work. For this, a digital workplace is crucial and the sooner, the better. 

The clock is ticking 

Time is of the essence when it comes to launching a digital solution that will empower your workforce. All too often, the lead up to launch stretches on for months if not years, spelling out major dollars lost and precious time spent. 

The good news? With the proper strategy and a best-in-class partner, it is possible to deploy a futuristic solution faster than ever.

 This guide will:

  • Discuss the major pay-offs associated with flexible, remote working policies
  • Present a checklist for leaders who are considering partnering with a software vendor
  • Offer actionable steps to follow to pinpoint the best service provider for your enterprise's goals
  • Compare different launch strategies to ensure you make the most of your solution from the start

Who should read this guide?

This guide is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about how to deploy a digital workplace that will facilitate optimized telecommuting practices. Given the focus on searching for vendors and step-by-step launch guidance, this content may be of particular interest to those tasked with overseeing their enterprise's intranet journey.

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