5 best intranet designs to drive employee engagement

Find out how to make your intranet the home of employee engagement with some simple design hacks that will transform the way users interact with your platform. Download our guide for a selection of tried-and-tested intranet designs proven to drive engagement.

Best intranet designs for employee engagement guide pages

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Homepage designs that engage users from the first click

Your company intranet should be the cornerstone of the employee experience. With so many features available to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start when designing your intranet layout. Homepages are a natural launch point, not only because they are particularly visible but also because they serve as the foundation for the rest of your digital workplace.

Think of your homepage as a window into your internal brand and enterprise-wide values. In addition to visually appealing logos and eye-catching fonts, the platform needs to highlight the information and principles that are most critical to your organization and drive home your employer brand. Homepages should give every employee a glimpse of what is going on throughout the enterprise, without overloading the user with specific updates that may not be relevant to their role. Nailing this balance can be challenging, but it’s essential in order to maximize adoption and engagement throughout the platform.

Not sure how to take your homepage to the next level? While there is no universal template that will guarantee success for every type of enterprise, there are widespread best practices that leaders should consider adopting when discussing the design of their intranet homepage. After collaborating with some of the biggest and best brands from across the globe, we have pinpointed five design formats that are most likely to inspire engagement amongst employees, in turn helping enterprises get one step closer to achieving optimal engagement throughout both their intranet and organization at large.

This guide will:

  • Explore the relationship between employee engagement and intranet design
  • Demonstrate the importance of nailing your intranet homepage
  • Explain how different intranet designs can be utilized to support diverse business goals
  • Consider the merits of 5 different approaches to homepage design
  • Inspire you with ideas for creating your own engaging intranet design

Who should read this guide?

This guide is suitable for anyone working on or considering implementing a company intranet, particularly internal communications teams or digital workplace managers charged with ensuring intranet success.

Which platform should you apply these fantastic designs to?

If you're not sure which intranet software to go for, read our blog on choosing the best intranet solution for your business.

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