Unily by BrightStarr sponsors the KMWorld conference in Washington DC

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Unily by BrightStarr will sponsor the Knowledge Management & Enterprise Solutions Conference this November.

The brightest minds in knowledge management and information management will gather in Washington DC to share real world examples of how KM and related disciplines can provide enormous value for your organizations and transform your business.  

The themes for KMWorld 2017 are People Power, Thinking and Tech. The event focuses on the fact that people are the core of knowledge sharing and the key to high functioning organizations. Hosted in Washington DC, you'll have the chance to network, get new insights and practical advice on how successful knowledge management can transform your organization. 

Join us for our speaking session: Launching a modern intranet with intelligent integrations

Wednesday 8th November

B203/4 1.30pm - 3.15pm

Join our session as Our VP shares his insights into what it takes to launch a successful intranet, bringing together elements such as apps, social, analytics, personalization and more into a perfectly integrated hub. He illustrates with business case studies from Egon Zehnder and Hershey’s, who have benefited from digital workplace integration to store, share and learn business critical knowledge. 

For more information and discounted tickets contact sunny.singh@brightstarr.com

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Can Office 365 replace your intranet?

Can Office 365 replace your intranet?

In 2017, Microsoft announced some really exciting changes to the Office 365 stack; Microsoft Teams, Communication Sites and Hub Sites which were announced at Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in September. These new tools tie into Microsoft’s “new vision for intelligent communications”, supporting their on-going mission to create “an intranet in your pocket.” So with these new tools available from Microsoft, can the out-of-the-box technology from SharePoint and Office 365 finally replace the need for a customized intranet?

New to Unily! Introducing targeted homepages for your employees

New to Unily! Introducing targeted homepages for your employees

Your homepage is the landing page of your intranet and you have just seconds to grab your employees’ attention. How do you ensure it’s relevant and engaging enough to keep people coming back for more? Unily’s brand new targeted homepage functionality is here to help!

The launch of Hammerson's new intranet - Ondemand

The launch of Hammerson's new intranet - Ondemand

Natalie Henderson, interim Internal Communications Manager for Hammerson, the owner, manager and developer of retail destinations in Europe, understands that an employee intranet platform has to deliver value for both employees and the business.

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