Level up employee experience in the energy industry with an intranet

An isolated frontline. Crisis comms under siege from questions around a creaking brand image. Compliance rules changing faster than you can update them. In today’s energy sector, are you ready for the rising challenges to your employee experience?

Energy industry intranet masterclass

Become an EX leader in the energy industry

With an ever-shifting competitive landscape, new disruptors entering the arena at pace, and consumers savvier than ever, the energy sector faces many pressing challenges. How can business leaders prime their workforce to cope with the new landscape and what part can a next-generation intranet play in overcoming key barriers?

According to a 2019 Forrester report, the key to success lies in holistic and aggressive digitization and a focus on employee experience.

"Utilities that embrace digital change will win market share."

Forrester, Digital Trends in Utilities, 2019

The survival of key players in the energy industry will rely on a workforce that is innovative, agile, and highly-skilled. Enabling employees to rise to new challenges will rest on the ability of companies to provide meaningful employee experiences that connect, unite, and inspire.

In this webinar, we tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the energy industry today, exploring the ways next-generation digital workplace technology can support growth and innovation. 

Themes covered:

  • Catering to an aging workforce with finely tuned UX
  • Addressing frontline requirements and communication
  • Cultivating an attractive employer brand
  • Preventing knowledge decay and unlocking niche expertise
  • Staying on top of compliance and driving standards
  • Aligning employees against sustainability goals
  • Priming innovation to disrupt the disruptors 

Local times by city

New York: 11:00 AM
London: 04:00 PM
Chicago: 10:00 AM
Amsterdam: 05:00 PM
Los Angeles: 08:00 AM

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