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dorma+kaba Win Nielsen Norman Award for Best Intranet of 2016

11 January 2016   Maggy Gibson

We are delighted to announce that dorma+kaba has been awarded the Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design Award 2016. Chosen by expert review based on design and usability, the winning solution is built on a Unily intranet.

dorma+kaba Win Nielsen Norman Award for Best Intranet of 2016

dorma+kaba Group whose 16,000 employees operate in over 50 countries, needed a social digital workplace solution that would completely revolutionise their communication, collaboration, business development and innovation. Multi-lingual and personalisation functionality was essential to ensuring that its diverse group of employees could connect and engage fully with the business. 

Adrian Gagala, Group IT, Manager Collaboration and HR Systems at dorma+kaba, said; “Our social intranet project at dorma+kaba really took us from 0 – 100 in 60 days, something that was only possible with a passionate team, an innovative, cutting-edge solution and the power of the Microsoft cloud.” 

The new design focuses on creating a cohesive digital workplace where employees can connect, collaborate, innovate and drive new business ideas. Personalization and targeting functionality ensures only the most relevant information reaches the right users, depending on location and interests.

Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Noman Group and usability expert commented that "In just 60 days, the intranet team created a global, social intranet in advance of two large company events. The combination of the impending events and the introduction of social tools created the perfect equation for intranet success, with the events acting as natural drivers for social content creation and conversation on the site. The events, combined with strong support from management, have made the global company’s shift to a social intranet notably smooth and well-received."

Unily’s ‘As-A-Service’ delivery model is key, as it enables a solution that will constantly evolve with the business. dorma+kaba will continue to benefit from innovative features;  a combination of Microsoft releases, Unily product innovation, and customer driven advancements, which will be rolled out seamlessly across the cloud.  We believe that Unily’s evergreen nature will ensure dorma+kaba’s Unily intranet remains award-winning for years to come.

Paul Jackson, Managing Director of BrightStarr UK, the company behind Unily, said; “We are delighted that dorma+kaba has been recognised for the ‘Best Intranet Award’ and we are proud that Unily is the solution that helped them achieve it. This is our 4th Nielsen Norman win in 5 years, which demonstrates our commitment to always pushing the boundaries of technology to solve enterprise challenges. We look forward to continuing our relationship with dorma+kaba and supporting their ongoing success.

You can read DORMA’s full story in our customer success story.

About dorma+kaba

The newly merged dorma+kaba Group is the world’s leading provider of ground-breaking, comprehensive solutions in the fast-growing security industry. The listed company employs around 16,000 people in more than 50 countries. Visit www.dormakaba.com for more information.

About Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Norman Group is an evidence-based user experience research, training and consulting firm that advises companies on how to improve the bottom line through human-centered design of products and services. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, NN/g evaluates interfaces of all kinds and guides the critical design decisions that make websites, applications, intranets and products achieve their full potential for businesses and their users.

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