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'Best Intranet Design of 2016' - DORMA's 6 Week Social Intranet Story

DORMA's social intranet solution has been chosen as 1 of the 10 Best Intranets in the World in 2016 by user experience firm, the Nielsen Norman Group. Find out how they drove access to innovation for 7,000 employees in just 6 weeks in our free case study.

'Best Intranet Design of 2016' - DORMA's 6 Week Social Intranet Story

DORMA chose to adopt a Unily intranet as it enabled them to deploy a feature-rich, social intranet solution in just 6 weeks.

Jakob Nielsen, Principal of the Nielsen Norman Group stated that "In just 60 days, the intranet team created a global, social intranet in advance of two large company events. The combination of the impending events and the introduction of social tools created the perfect equation for intranet success, with the events acting as natural drivers for social content creation and conversation on the site. The events, combined with strong support from management, have made the global company’s shift to a social intranet notably smooth and well-received."

DORMA’s new social intranet platform has now become a trusted vehicle for delivering 'Access to Innovation' for the entire global business, overcoming the hurdles of language barriers and disparate employees. Since DORMA's merger with security solutions provider Kaba, the intranet now supports over 16,000 employees globally at dorma+kaba. 

Download the complete case study to learn:

  • The key drivers for DORMA's Intranet solution
  • What they hoped to achieve
  • Why DORMA chose a Unily digital workplace solution
  • Feature breakdown of DORMA's solution, including screenshots
  • Key functionality 
  • Achievement statistics post launch
  • DORMA & Unily's continuing success

To read more about dorma+kaba's Nielsen Norman Group Award in our news article.

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