Unily and Monsoon Accessorize work together to transform their intranet using Office 365

In this video case study, we go inside Monsoon Accessorize's new Office 365 Unily intranet, named Moogle. Press play below to watch the video.

Made up of Head Office staff, International Partners and retail staff, Monsoon Accessorize required a solution that would improve the flow of communication across business groups, suitable for a variety of different end users.

Monsoon Accessorise is a staple of the British High Street and recognised worldwide with 1400 clothing, home and accessories stores across 74 different countries. Already cloud-ready with Office 365, they chose to implement BrightStarr's Unily Intranet as a Service solution to start utilising powerful collaboration, file sharing and enterprise social networking functionalities.

Streamlining Office 365 functionality

A Unily intranet is hosted on Azure for flexibility and scalability, and integrates with the Office 365 suite including SharePoint Online, Yammer, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and Delve. These powerful products are all combined into a single user experience that’s intuitive and completely branded. This single user interface combined with custom experiences such as a user-friendly CMS, allows Monsoon Accessorize to take full advantage of leading collaboration, file-sharing and social capabilities in a consumable platform.

Tribes have allowed departments to make their mark

Monsoon Accessorize have seen particular success with Unily’s Tribe functionality, which enables custom collaboration sites to be created within minutes, highlighting departmental news, people, resources, social feeds and documents. These sites have empowered Monsoon Accessorize’s departments, such as Buying for different brands, to make their mark, representing who they are through graphics and displaying key information to the rest of the business in seconds.

Communication is transformed between International Partners and Head Office staff

Head Office staff now see personalised company news on the homepage of the intranet, helping to improve the flow of information across 700 strong employees, enabling HR and internal comms teams to provide one version of the truth. Custom, branded SharePoint Sites have also been created on the Unily intranet to transform communication between International Partners and Head Office staff. Head Office Admins are able to upload and review documents, access critical business reports, create events and share world news from within the intranet, with International Partners able to logon and consume this essential information.

Watch the complete video to go inside Monsoon Accessorize’s Unily intranet and talk to us today to find out how to transform your use of Office 365.

Download the complete case study

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