NFU Mutual uses Unily to engage and inspire every employee

NFU Mutual is the UK’s leading rural insurer, providing insurance, investment and pension products to more than 900,000 members. With over 3,800 employees and a network of more than 300 local agency offices, the intranet is a crucial part of the company strategy to streamline business processes, promote employee connectivity and make applications accessible.

NFU Mutual case study

With its intranet jam-packed with old, disused content and a limited search function, NFU Mutual chose to revamp its intranet from top to bottom to support the complex requirements of its modern digital workplace.

NFU Mutual approached their intranet project in a strategic way, looping the project in to their wider business initiatives to support three key goals: to deliver sustainable, profitable growth, to be a great company to do business with and to be a great place to work. With these business intentions clear, the specific vision of the platform was easier to define, focusing on delivering an engaging, easy-to-use intranet for all employees, Agents and their staff, helping them to connect, collaborate and do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

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To ensure they could measure the impact of the intranet, this vision statement was broken down into specific objectives, with related activities that could be measured and reported on after launch:

  • Replace the current platform with a reliable, fit for purpose, modern solution
  • Make information easier to find and improve search experience
  • Improve publishing and content management to ensure information is accurate
  • Drive opportunities for improved communication and collaboration

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