Why you need a digital experience platform

Is your enterprise feeling the pressure or not running as smoothly as you hoped? Do not despair; you are not alone. Many businesses could be making gigantic gains and innovating faster if they had the right tools and the time to deploy them. It is important to embrace digital technology sooner rather than later so that you can get an edge on your competitors.

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A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) will help you do just that and stop you from falling behind competitors who have already invested in digital technology. A DXP is incorporated into a business to enable the streamlining of information, the maximizing of talent and easy communication. A DXP can be seamlessly integrated alongside your current workplace tools to create an efficient and attractive system.

Implementing a DXP could lessen the burden on your employees and allow for greater communication and productivity, which will eventually be reflected in your business results. Below are a few useful pointers outlining the dangers of falling behind your competitors when it comes to digital investment.

Dangers of falling behind

Feeling left behind is a natural fear. In business, the dangers of falling behind one’s competitors can be catastrophic. This fear has been amplified in the information age with the advent of ground-breaking technology that is constantly evolving. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up. Staying abreast of all the latest technological advances can be tiresome and is not always the best use of your resources. This is why it is important to collaborate with a platform that does this for you.

If your competitor is investing in digital technology and reaping the benefits of a DXP, then they will be gaining a significant advantage. Many businesses are now global enterprises. Communicating effectively with people around the world is key to gaining an edge over your competitors. A sophisticated DXP should enable multilingual communication to occur efficiently and provide many tools to reach the right person easily within a large company.

A DXP can help you avoid a downward trend and improve your business culture. Employee satisfaction and motivation is key to getting the best results. It will become increasingly difficult to retain employees when competitors are able to offer a better package. A DXP makes work life more rewarding and contributes to forming an employee experience that will be the envy of your competitors.

What a DXP can do for you

If you don’t want to be left behind, you have to invest. A DXP is a smart investment because it allows whole departments and teams to focus on what is important. Too much time is wasted when silos form in businesses or when IT teams have to conduct a repetitive task that doesn’t advance the overall interests of a business. Below are some of the key features that will prevent you from falling behind.

Key features of a Digital Experience Platform

A good DXP will work in various ways to improve your business culture and process. A digital platform can achieve success by making communication, personalization and integration easier.

Many businesses already have digital tools present in their infrastructure. A DXP is designed to work in tandem with the operations of your business. Employee experience and consumer satisfaction are enhanced by smooth integration with evolving technology. Integration that improves efficiency is key to gaining an edge on your competitors.

A DXP alleviates pressure by streamlining information and enabling effective communication. It is the most cost-effective new addition you can make to your enterprise. A DXP allows departments to focus on their goals and leave the logistics to the platform. Embracing digital technology is always a positive step forward. A great DXP will be designed to evolve. It is important that a DXP allows a business to grow to its full potential. Unily’s DXP is flexible and is designed to be easily transformed by your own developers without incurring a costly redesign. The developer’s experience is easy and involves minimal overheads. Including a DXP in your business’s digital infrastructure will enable your IT team to deliver more innovative solutions at a faster pace.

Try a Unily DXP

Unily has developed an Employee Experience Platform (our unique take on the Digital Experience Platform) because investment in digital technology is an integral part of improving a business’s culture and infrastructure. Owners, managers and employees of a business will be able to spot when something isn’t working right but may not always have the solution at hand. A DXP is the key to unlocking the potential of a business that may be stagnating.

Unily’s Employee Experience Platform uses a powerful experience engine to be able to cater to the specific needs of each and every employee. Providing a bespoke and personalized experience is the best way to make employees feel comfortable in the workplace.

The benefits of a DXP have been outlined above and justify the investment. It is the easiest way to improve communication, accessibility and productivity within large organizations. For employers, employees and consumers, a DXP enables smoother interaction and allows information to be centralized. If you want to remain a step ahead of the competition, it is important to embrace innovation and upgrade your digital touchpoints. Unily’s Employee Experience Platform will give you the advantage you need.

If you wish to enquire about how Unily's Employee Experience Platform could improve your enterprise, do contact our friendly team of experts.

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