Why it’s vital that your digital workplace engages all your employees

Unily's Head of Customer Insight, Martyn Perks, explains why enterprises must engage all employees, especially the hard-to-reach employees who often bring unique perspectives that drive productivity and improve customer value.

Warehouse worker using a Unily intranet

Designing a digital workplace is a complex undertaking. To make it successful, enterprises must develop a solution that drives innovation and collaboration through effective internal communications that reaches and engages each and every employee.

According to Gallup’s recent “State of the Global Workplace” report, an alarming 85 percent of employees worldwide feel disengaged when it comes to their work. Gallup further estimates that this lack of engagement accounts for more than $7 trillion in lost productivity. Since employee engagement and workplace productivity are inextricably linked, enterprises need to make employee engagement a top priority, especially when it comes to reaching mobile or hard-to-reach employees.

However, it is often far easier to start the planning process by thinking about those who work in a headquarters office or use central services such as HR, finance and IT. To be effective, more thought needs to be given upfront about ways to connect with employees...

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