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In this series, we look at potential integrations with Unily. By taking advantage of Unily Connect, you can unite your digital landscape and provide a single pane of glass experience for all your users. Our one-stop-shop approach will result in more consistent and efficient user experiences for your users, which in turn will increase platform adoption and productivity. This week's article will focus on integration with Slack, a leading collaboration hub.

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Unily and Slack integration

Integrating applications with Unily Connect lets you cut through the noise created by multiple systems, streamlines logging in by having a single sign-on, and provides one highly polished, consistent user experience across your entire digital landscape. Below we highlight some of the potential benefits for your business when integrating Unily with Slack.

Welcome to your remote work hub

As agreed by 72% of professionals, work flexibility is crucial in the future of recruiting, and there’s never been a better time to start. With employers having to rethink their strategy around office-based work and work from home becoming the new norm, employers need to look to provide the tools their employees need to carry out tasks, from anywhere, seamlessly. With Unily, you can create handy remote work digital experiences for all your people.

Due to the pandemic crisis, investing in collaboration tools is now the number one priority for organizations. Still, if every tool features a contrasting user experience, your people will find switching between them jarring. With Unily, you can bring all your remote work tools under one roof with a remote work hub, including integration with your favorite Slack channels. You no longer need to spend time trawling through your intranet; fire up your device and feel at home in Unily’s remote working hub.

At Unily, we encourage and specialize in personalized digital experiences. So just because work from home solutions are in high demand does not mean that all your people require the same setup. Unily lets you create bespoke hubs for individuals or teams, by easily tweaking the layout using our flexible grid and widget system, and then pushing it out to your people using our powerful targeting capabilities.

Screenshot of remote work hubs with Unily and Slack integration This is an example of what could be possible using the Unily integration framework.

Supercharge collaboration with Slack integration

Email has been the go-to communication tool for decades. However, the average email open rate across all industries is only 13.94%, which leaves a vast amount of people in the dark. This has led to the rise and the demand for collaboration tools. Slack's mission is to replace email because email can no longer cope with the complex and ever-changing needs of the modern workplace. Emails are not fast enough, and it is impossible to keep up with email chains.

With integration to Slack in Unily, your people can create a messaging hub for the modern age, featuring as many integrated widgets as they need, where one glance tells them everything they need to know. Make your Slack channels stand out in a prominent position or write and schedule messages for distributing on Slack directly from Unily.

Integrating Slack with Unily gives your Slack channels context within Unily's expansive digital workplace. Check your dedicated Slack channels for project updates, then share the key takeaways on your Unily social feed. View your calendar to view your team's availability, and schedule reminders for upcoming project deadlines, all from your Unily messaging hub. 

Screenshot of Unily and Slack integration view to increase productivity and streamline messaging This is an example of what could be possible using the Unily integration framework.

Streamline HR processes with Slack integration

Onboarding should make your people feel like they belong and that their new job is a glorious new beginning. It is an all-encompassing experience, with maximum engagement as an end goal, from learning about their new role to being introduced to key contacts. But HR does not have to be complicated; streamline your processes by integrating Slack with Unily and creating essential, easily accessible resources for new starters.

Create your onboarding channels in Slack, complete with access to all the files your people need. Alternatively, explore location-based channels for your different offices. Consider also a new starters channel where your hire poses questions and one of their dedicated contacts endeavors to help. Then showcase your Slack channels on your HR page in Unily, so your new hires always have a reference point.

Onboarding can even include light and fun elements, so give your new hires access to popular Slack channels about pets, for instance, or remote work tips. Allow them to create a list of favorites by using Slack’s stars, then integrate them into an area on their Unily homepage. And with Unily’s grid and widget system, they can reuse the widget as many times as they need across their digital workplace.

Screenshot of Unily and Slack integrations used to streamline HR processes This is an example of what could be possible using the Unily integration framework.

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