Unily Connect Series: ServiceNow

In this brand-new series, we look at potential integrations with Unily. By taking advantage of Unily Connect, you can unite your digital landscape and provide a single pane of glass experience for all your users. Our one-stop-shop approach will result in more consistent and efficient user experiences for your users, which in turn will increase platform adoption and productivity. This week's article will focus on integration with ServiceNow, which provides a support desk system for the enterprise.

Unily and ServiceNow integration

Integrating applications with Unily Connect lets you cut through the noise created by multiple systems, streamlines logging in by having a single sign-on, and provides one highly polished, consistent user experience across your entire digital landscape. Below we highlight some of the potential benefits for your business when integrating Unily with ServiceNow.

Enable users to view ServiceNow incidents

According to Forrester Research, companies using ServiceNow have a 66% reduction in effort per incident. This shows how imperative it is to make viewing incidents as easy and as seamless as possible, becoming BAU for your enterprise.

You could, for instance, create a dedicated View Incidents tile and apply it to your homepage. Color-code the incidents so the urgency really stands out, making it immediately obvious for anyone to take note of any emergencies. Viewing incidents could then become a part of your news stream and be prioritized depending on your job role.

Unily gives you the flexibility to build powerful, unique and targeted experiences for all your users, with an easy to use grid and widget system. Unily gives users control over where they want to place their widgets, as well as having granular control over the look and feel of their pages. So, in this instance, the View Incidents tile can appear in different widgets across your digital workplace to have even more impact.

discover incidents servicenow

Quick access to incident reporting

Service delivery faces many challenges, including operational costs due to process inefficiencies. A study by MasterCard and the University of Oxford has shown that 25 percent of users forget one password at least once a day.

Service managers are on a tight schedule, and they need to be ready to respond rapidly to requests to hit agreed-upon SLAs. That's why forgetting a password, or a step in the process, for ServiceNow could mean the difference between responding to a critical incident in time and upsetting the client.

To streamline the process, you could build an incidents dashboard in Unily. Now your service managers can quickly and efficiently view a report, so they can prioritize their work, without having to go to ServiceNow to log in. Create a dedicated incidents page, target the page to your service managers and set the permissions so only they have access.

incident reporting servicenow

Access ServiceNow knowledge

Agility is vital in today's digital workforce, as seen with the exponential popularity of the Agile methodology, and one of the increasingly popular ways of speeding up work processes is to enable self-service capabilities. By integrating ServiceNow with Unily, all your users could have rapid access to ServiceNow's knowledge management.

Your users could then tap into ServiceNow's knowledge base directly from their digital workplace. Integrate ServiceNow's knowledge center with Unily's search center, and one search will find anything across both Unily and ServiceNow. Easily switch between ServiceNow's knowledge bases and Unily's repository to find the information they need in seconds.

Knowledge management on ServiceNow is key to empowering your people. Gain access to invaluable guides, application updates notifications, and much more. Get answers to popular questions with just one search, without having to ask or chase other teams for the solutions.

servicenow knowledge

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