Unily Connect series: Salesforce

In this series, we look at potential integrations with Unily. By taking advantage of Unily Connect, you can unite your digital landscape and provide a single pane of glass experience for all your users. Our one-stop-shop approach will result in more consistent and efficient user experiences for your users, which in turn will increase platform adoption and productivity. This week's article will focus on integration with Salesforce, which is a customer relationship management solution helping companies of all sizes to grow their business.

Unily and Salesforce integration

Integrating applications with Unily Connect lets you cut through the noise created by multiple systems, streamlines logging in by having a single sign-on, and provides one highly polished, consistent user experience across your entire digital landscape. Below we highlight some of the potential benefits for your business when integrating Unily with Salesforce.

Be at the top of your game with the latest Salesforce opportunities

Discover the latest sales opportunities by integrating Unily with Salesforce and placing them front and center.  Fire up your Unily homepage, and alongside latest news you can present integrated Salesforce information, which you can showcase in tiles. These tiles can be arranged how you see fit, with Unily's easy to use drag and drop reusable templates, so you could if you wanted to, make your tiles span several columns to appear more prominent.

A top-level sales opportunities overview on the homepage, complete with a top-five opportunities tile, is an excellent way of tracking and progress without having to drill further down into Salesforce. However, if your team wants to find out more for further analysis, they can always click through to Salesforce from the tiles. 

Alternatively, you could pull in closed won deals from Salesforce to show everyone else in your business. This information will lead on to success stories and will help community managers to connect relatable customers.

open and closed opportunities salesforce

Create specialized sales manager reports

Research has shown that we process visual information 60,000 times quicker than text. Dashboards have, therefore, proven to be an effective way of viewing essential information rapidly and a compelling option for keeping your sales managers up-to-date. 

Unily lets you create targeted landing pages in Unily’s intuitive CMS. This means that your sales manager can view the pipeline health and the opportunities by stage so that they can take action as appropriate. They may, for instance, decide that more collateral is required to strengthen sales proposals. Alternatively, why not check on recently closed deals and discover the regions with the most deals, or find the inbound sources bringing in the most leads. 

As well as reporting reasons, integrated Salesforce dashboards are a way of spotting gaps in sales activity. Sometimes it's simplicity in presentations that allows users to see what's going on clearly. Offer easily accessible stats, presented as pie charts and graphs, to further develop your successful sales strategy.

sales manager reports

Lead and account management made easy

Silos are formed when people work in isolation. By integrating Salesforce into Unily, your people will be able to view the status of leads and stay informed. Users will also be able to keep tabs on the companies and verticals prioritized by their business.

Unily's unified search center allows your users to search across all your integrated systems, including Salesforce. This means that one search will bring up all you need, saving you time from having to log in to different systems, and learning different search behavior, for ultimate consistency.

Your users will also be able to filter by verticals, for greater visibility and alignment with business goals. So, you may, for example, have the construction industry as the focus for this quarter, so you'll want the rest of your team to align their efforts. They will also be able to see who is working on the leads, making leads allocation easy.

lead and account management salesforce

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