Unily Connect series: Microsoft Teams

In this series, we look at potential integrations with Unily. By taking advantage of Unily Connect, you can unite your digital landscape and provide a single pane of glass experience for all your users. Our one-stop-shop approach will result in more consistent and efficient user experiences for your users, which in turn will increase platform adoption and productivity. This week's article will focus on integration with Microsoft Teams, a unified communication and collaboration platform.

Unily and Microsoft Teams integration

Integrating applications with Unily Connect lets you cut through the noise created by multiple systems, streamlines logging in by having a single sign-on experience, and provides one highly polished, consistent user experience across your entire digital landscape. Below we highlight some of the potential benefits for your business when integrating Microsoft Teams with Unily.

Seamless collaboration with Microsoft Teams conversations

Keep the conversation going inside and outside of Microsoft Teams by integrating into Unily. Showcase Microsoft Teams conversations directly on your Unily landing page in a widget that you can then replicate on any page. Never lose track of a conversation or a project update again. 

Integrating Microsoft Teams into Unily opens the door to employing Unily’s robust targeting capabilities. Targeting allows you to be more precise with your Microsoft Teams channels. There may be an area of your business, like your IT or HR departments, or a specific location that requires increased visibility of Microsoft Teams channels, thereby creating more opportunities for collaboration and adding value.

This Microsoft intranet integration gives you a clean, streamlined view of your Microsoft Teams channels - navigate through mentions, attachments, or conversations with ease. View channel members with one click, all within your Unily environment, so you can monitor who may need to be involved as your scope or requirements change.

Microsoft Teams conversations integration

Prioritize with Microsoft Teams task management 

The modern enterprise is a bustling, demanding, and sometimes overwhelming place. In a survey carried out by West Monroe, for instance, 24 of the managers surveyed spent a staggering five or more hours on administrative tasks a day. With the integration of Microsoft Teams to Unily, your people can cut through the clutter and highlight priority tasks from Microsoft Teams to display on Unily. 

You can create a brand-new calendar widget in Unily, which links your Microsoft Teams tasks to a calendar. This widget makes for more visual and immediate user experiences so you can put jobs into context, enabling you to view your upcoming tasks and prioritize accordingly. When you’re done, tick the task as complete. 

Ultimately, integrating Microsoft Teams with Unily allows you to be more selective and laser-focused on user experience. For example, you might need to cater to service managers, who are predominantly task-focused – if so, a snapshot of current activities could prove to be more valuable than a view of all channels in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams tasks integration

Share to Microsoft Teams and keep your finger on the pulse

With Unily's easy to use CMS, content creators and internal communicators have the power at their fingertips to create amazing content in a flash. Due to the complexities of the modern enterprise, one of the main challenges for internal communicators is limited visibility. Integrating Microsoft Teams with Unily will give you a greater reach as you can share any content on the Microsoft Teams channel of your choosing.

People have vastly different reading habits. Some prefer to catch up on the latest company news and announcements as they are published on Unily, while others may rely more on reading lists or recommendations from their colleagues. By integrating Microsoft Teams with Unily, you're giving everyone the chance to catch up on content their way, while increasing the impact of your content and boosting engagement rates.

You're also creating new ways of working. With more exposure, you may find that new collaborators appear, your content receives more feedback, and you’re ultimately generating exciting new ideas that your people get behind.

Microsoft Teams integration sharing

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