The A - Z of SharePoint solution support - Part 2

Welcome back to the A – Z of SharePoint Solution Support. We have been taking the insights from the Unily support team to put together a list of some of the core qualities they need to deliver the truly world-class support that our clients expect.

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Support can drive success

So, without further-ado let’s continue with N through Z. There were some tough ones here!

New Technologies

Any specialist support team must remain highly aware of the latest technologies that might be integrated or comprise any part of a client solution. Support teams have to constantly increase their knowledge of these technologies so that they can always assist clients with all their queries.

Office 365

If you are looking to support the latest and most cutting edge SharePoint solutions in the market then there is no escaping the need to know all aboutOffice 365, which incorporates SharePoint Online. With the internal push of this next wave of cloud computing technology efficiencies, it is a must-know for the future of SharePoint support. This applies more than ever to Unily, which is built on top of Office 365 and SharePoint Online.


When you work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, no day is ever the same and there is always a client that wants to review, improve or explore new support cases with technology experts equipped to inform their decisions. Prioritization is essential to ensure that every client gets the support they need as and when they need it.

Quality Assurance (QA)

With every change and fix that any support team develops there must be a process in place for deploying the resolution while ensuring it doesn’t raise any new issues or affect existing functionality. A quality assurance process, such as vigorous and detailed testing on development environments, local machines and client UAT environments, ensures continued solution integrity.


Great support keeps clients in the loop as support issues progress. This ensures that clients are aware of the fact you are dealing with the issue, allowing them to rest a little easier knowing that experts are on the case.


Self-explanatory really, but you can’t support a SharePoint solution without the highest level of knowledge on the technology. This means staying abreast of new changes and developments to the platform. Especially when such new changes might affect existing client solutions.

Time Management

When a client has a problem that they need help with every minute counts. But on rare occasions, there may be several clients vying for your attention. As in all working roles time is a valuable resource, therefore managing how you apply this to different tasks can make the difference in keeping all your clients smiling.


With the recent development of our out-of-the-box Office 365 Intranet solution Unily, our support team now gets the exciting challenge of supporting our own innovative software solution. Unlike any other Intranet solution that has come before it, the core functionality of Unily is actually evolving on a weekly basis to incorporate new technology and tools for all of our Unily clients! While this represents a challenge in staying up to date with the latest functionality of the Unily solution, our support team is now a huge part of a truly revolutionary Intranet as a Service solution that prides itself on inclusive success services.


Using virtualization allows a support team to run tests against client environments and this is done by creating virtual environments to replicate the clients’. In this way we can carry out the most throughout and stringent testing of various solution elements, recreating or troubleshooting any and all client issues without effecting ever affecting the client’s live site.


A WSP or Windows Solution Package is what support teams use to manage and deploy custom SharePoint Solutions to all QA, UAT and Live environments. A WSP consists of all the files needed to deploy a custom solution including master pages, page layouts, images, CSS, SharePoint features and all custom code files. Maintaining a library of all deployed WSP’s is essential for support in knowing exactly what has been deployed for which clients when.

X-ray Vision

Yes… it’s hard to find something for X, but before you ignore this one let me elaborate. X-ray vision is the ability of support to see past the surface level details of an issue and discover the root cause, giving the ability to effectively and efficiently resolve any query or issue.


Enterprise social is a real productivity booster and innovation nurturer in the modern enterprise, and as more businesses recognize its value we are seeing a lot of our clients integrating the Yammer platform with their more static digital solutions. This integration is actively being pushed by Microsoft as they look to build on Yammer’s integration capabilities with both SharePoint and Office 365, so knowing all about this social platform and its integration setup is crucial to our work.

Zero Ticket Challenge

This is where every support team should aim to end their day. Not a single outstanding client query or issue. This is our policy for keeping every client solution providing maximum value and every client smiling!

We hope you enjoyed our A – Z of SharePoint solution support. We love supporting our client solutions as it gives us a unique and exciting view at some of the most cutting edge digital solutions for some amazing clients. If you want to know about Unily support services or how we have integrated these closely with the Unily solution then get in touch day. We love talking technology and what we can do for you!

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The A - Z of SharePoint solution support - Part 1

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