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On this year's list of Nielsen Norman Best Intranet Design winners is dorma+kaba Group with their Unily Intranet implemented in just 60 days.

As the Nielsen Norman Group announce their winners of the Best Intranet Design Award 2016, we’re looking at an important aspect of dorma-kaba’s winning intranet that shows how the tides have changed since last year’s annual review.

At the heart of premium access solution provider dorma+kaba’s success is the constant innovation required to develop new solutions, to stay ahead of the market and the competition. Dorma+kaba recognized that quicker, more efficient collaboration between their employees was key in continuing their success.

Dorma+kaba chose a Unily intranet as they had rapidly approaching, business critical events which they needed a new intranet to support. Adrian Gagala, Head of Collaboration and HR systems at dorma+kaba commented that “We chose Unily, as it enabled the company to rapidly deploy a cutting edge and feature rich intranet in just 60 days, with no up-front deployment costs.”.

The concept of intranets has already shifted dramatically, with a whole new as-a-Service market exploding this last year. But despite this shift, the NN Group reports that in 2015, it still took organizations on average 1.3 years to create an intranet solution.

‘Compared to the Nielsen Norman Groups estimations that the average intranet in 2015 took 1.3 years to produce, this really highlights the business benefits of adopting an as-a-Service intranet solution.'

With nearly 80% of organisations having the same core requirements for their intranet and many As-A-Service solutions offering customization capabilities, why is this the norm? Dorma+kaba’s goal was to have a new social intranet up and running before their upcoming internal International Group Conference and BAU trade fair.  They saw their intranet as a crucial vehicle for driving conversation and innovation throughout the business and keeping employees informed and engaged.

This would prove a tall order for traditional custom built intranet due to their short time-frame. Due to Unily’s as-a-Service, productized nature, dorma+kaba were able to create an instant digital workplace that simple needed personalizing. From there, they moved forward with a phase of customizations to make it truly work for them – enabling the same results as a custom built solution in the fraction of the time.

Rapid implementation time combined with its intuitive and beautifully designed user interface, Unily was the perfect match for dorma+kaba. Through the integration of Microsoft Office 365’s core tools their employees already use every day, they were able to engage and utilize the platform as soon as it was implemented with minimal training required.

Our social intranet project at dorma+kaba really took us from 0 – 100 in 60 days, something that was only possible with a passionate team, an innovative, cutting-edge solution and the power of the Microsoft cloud.” – Adrian Gagala, Team Leader Collaboration & HR Systems, Group IT

In addition to initial savings, Unily’s monthly subscription plan with no upfront deployment fees, ensures the organisation can accurately budget their annual intranet spend. Unily’s evergreen technology will not only ensure that their best intranet software continues to stay cutting edge, it will be at no additional expense. It also saves them outlay on a new or upgraded intranet every three years, the current average for most organizations. Not sacrificing performance for speed was the key in dorma+kaba’s successful, and timely, adoption of Unily.

Want to find out more about dorma+kaba’s implementation of Unily? Read the full Case Study.

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