PANDORA’s Office 365 intranet drives global engagement with stunning user experiences

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With more than 18,000 employees based in 90 countries, implementing a new global intranet became critical to PANDORA’s future business plans. Communication was the biggest challenge, with siloed tools and no platform to support global collaboration projects.  Their goal was to create a single, united digital workplace that would drive core company values – cohesion, transparency and culture – and easily enable people to communicate, collaborate and share best practises across teams and locations. PANDORA partnered with BrightStarr to create this cohesive solution, named INFORA, which is based on Office 365, bringing together tools like SharePoint, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Yammer and Delve into a single platform that’s accessible on any device.

Seasonal design changes to mirror the customer experience

We’ve learnt time and time again from intranet projects that consistent and well-designed user experiences are essential to adoption. PANDORA understood this completely, with design at the core of their business, and knew the aesthetics of their new platform had to be nothing less than perfect.

INFORA is unlike most built on SharePoint. It’s elegant and clean design mirrors the experience PANDORA’s customers receive when visiting their external website. Its intuitive user experience emulates the platforms their employees use outside of the office. From card-style roll-ups for story and event content, to easy commenting and liking of content – when users come to use it for the first time, it already has a familiar and intuitive feel.

While most intranets are designed and remain static in their aesthetics, PANDORA have decided to continue mirroring their external and internal channels to ensure their intranet never misses a beat. With seven product releases throughout the year, PANDORA will change the colour themes on INFORA to reflect these seasonal product releases.

It was important to have this mirroring of personal and work platforms for employees, in order to help with the onboarding process. The more people that use INFORA, the closer PANDORA move towards their ultimate goal of global connectivity through a united and seamless platform.

Agile methodology to ensure visibility and quality

Pandora’s intranet was developed using an agile methodology, encouraging active user involvement throughout the product’s development and ensuring a collaborative approach.

By setting out a list of priorities before the start of each phase, PANDORA were able to spend more time on areas of critical importance, such as the fundamental design and look and feel as well as the flow of INFORA. While the design was essential, beyond this was the core need for a platform that would be easy to use and that would support their business values.

With their core company values setting the ground for phase one, PANDORA prioritised establishing team and project sites, document publishing and sharing, corporate phonebook, business portals, global and local news stories, and seamless social capabilities to comment and like content. These initial functionalities were key in supporting PANDORA’s overall intranet goal – a place for communicating, collaborating and sharing.

For the end-user, this means having both a global and local view of the intranet, with news and events targeted to the user depending on their region. Each user has a tab where their mandatory company links are saved, but they can also add in their own personal links.

Cloud-based and thoughtfully designed for all devices, content and pages are consumable for any user, a crucial element with employees spread across countries, offices and stores.

Global launch activities that have people at heart

Working in agile sprints to create INFORA, PANDORA are in the process of on-boarding 5,000 top-line employees across core business areas. The global rollout continues through Autumn 2016, as the intranet is introduced to Asia-Pacific, the USA and Western Europe. They plan on expanding access to INFORA to their store workers across 10,000 outlets during the first quarter of 2017.

With such a diverse team located across the world, the launch of INFORA to local teams is paramount to adoption. The core intranet team including PANDORA’s Global Intranet Manager and International IT Project Manager are travelling to meet user groups across the globe to personally assist with the introduction and training of the new platform. This human element to launch has been hugely impactful and is typical of PANDORA’s open, personable culture, helping users to not only understand the benefits of the new solution but also get to grips with new functionality in their own language, with intranet champions there to answer their questions.

New features and functionalities continue to be added to the intranet, with user feedback inspiring changes that continue to improve cohesion and transparency. With every Sprint, user experience and design remains at the centre of the platform, ensuring users always have an intranet that looks and feels completely PANDORA.

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