Our most popular blogs of 2016

In the time honoured tradition of reviews and “best of” articles that tend be prevalent at this time of year, we’ve decided to take a look back at our top 5 most popular blog posts from the past year.

Top of the pile for the whole year was our post from May 19th – “10 Essentials for Creating an Intranet Employees Love” – in which we partnered with Ragan Communications to bring you our top tips for creating a truly engaging intranet, all handily packaged in a PDF for you to download.

Another popular download during the year came in July as part of a post by our Head of Customer Insight Martyn Perks. His post – “Digital Workplace Adoption Guide: Everything You Need to Know” – included a 12-page guide on how to transform your digital workplace adoption. Tackling such issues as obstacles to adoption and staff motivation, the guide gives a unique insight into what makes global adoption of technology possible.

One of our biggest highlights of the year came when one of our clients, dorma+kaba, won a prestigious Nielsen Norman award, for Best Intranet Design. The blog announcing the win also proved to be a very popular post and describes how Unily, our intranet as a service product, helped dorma+kaba deliver an innovative, cutting-edge social intranet solution.

In a similar vein, a post about another of our clients also makes it into the top 5. “The Hershey Company success story premieres at Microsoft’s WPC”  tells the story of how the American confectionery giant collaborated with Microsoft and Brightstarr to deliver a digital transformation that helped with their goal of “bringing happiness to the world”.

Rounding out the Top 5 for 2016 is our post from 30th August – “PANDORA’s Office 365 intranet drives global engagement with stunning user experiences” which describes how the global jewellery brand partnered with Brightstarr to deliver a single, united digital workplace for its 18,000 employees.

What is common with all of these blogs is that they all contain practical take-outs that can be applied to help you improve the effectiveness of your own intranets & digital workplaces. Thanks for the positive feedback to us on these and the other blogs that we published during the year. We are working hard on more new content for you that will provide further knowledge and insights into digital workplace adoption and optimization.

If you would like to write  blog of your own on behalf of BrightStarr, get in touch: tim.butler@brightstarr.com

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Katy came from a fashion background, obtaining her degree from Leeds University and via interning at a major women’s magazine, and now applies that same finesse to the BrightStarr brand identity.

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