Introducing Hendrix - Unily's new user-experience engine

Today, we launch Hendrix, Unily's new user-experience engine designed to give you increased flexibility to quickly and simply develop unique digital experiences for your employees, advancing organizational collaboration and communication as business demands continue to increase.

For the last year, we’ve been working hard to make it easier and quicker for you to create unique experiences across the Unily platform. This started with the ability to easily edit page layouts and add widgets within the Content Management System, as well as a catalog of new widgets to choose from. Then came the ability to manage template views and adapt experiences for mobile and Engage users.

What’s the next step?

The next step is to make this even more flexible, making it easier for you to create custom experience quickly inside the platform. But intranet products by nature have an end point to what’s possible out of the box. And anything additional currently requires reverting back to the well-known process of design, build, test and deploy – taking additional time and investment.

We’ve been working on something to make that process easier – allowing you to create custom experiences on Unily in half the time, and with no need for re-deployment.

We’re calling this capability Hendrix – Unily’s user experience engine.

What is Hendrix?

HENDRIX is an engine within the Content Management System made up of a number of components that allows digital experiences to be built on the Unily platform without the need for heavy lifting, deep customizations and upgrading environments. It combines some elements you’ll already be familiar with, like the page grid and widgets, but also incorporates some new functionality such as the ability to create your own search intelligence, add scripts and styles to Unily and more, all without an additional deployment.

"Organizations are investing in digital transformation to enable greater collaboration, communication and innovation," stated Sam Hassani, CTO, Unily. "Their goal is to become more productive to keep ahead of the global changes and customer demands that impact their business. With the Hendrix UX engine, which represents one of our most significant updates Unily has invested in over the last several years, we're helping our clients deliver greater productivity for their organizations by offering the flexibility to design pages more easily, incorporate or build their own widgets and customize the experience for their employees with little need for outside development expertise."

Why have we made Hendrix?

At the heart of Hendrix is the ability for you to create unique experiences for your employees, easily. This could be by changing a page layout, editing mobile experiences, defining new content templates or choosing brand new widgets to highlight new types of content. But Hendrix now allows you to take this further.

We all have static archived lists of information, products, resources and more which simply sit somewhere. This could be product directory which lives in Excel, an FAQ that sits in a word document or a hard to navigate SharePoint list that you want to rejuvenate. With Hendrix, you can now take that information and manage or surface it within Unily very, very quickly, with no additional deployment or lengthy and complex development process.

Many global organizations are already benefiting from Hendrix, including Major League Soccer.

"As the needs of our business have evolved, so have the demands of our employees and part of that evolution involves being able to create new, unique experiences that drive engagement," said Sergio Zanazzi, Senior Director, Enterprise Solutions, Major League Soccer. "In our experience, no other platform has the level of unique flexibility that Unily does with the new Hendrix UX engine. It is dynamic and provides us with the speed we need to be more effective in enabling greater collaboration and communications among our League and Club Staff."

Learn about Hendrix from Unily’s CTO and Global Product Manager

To introduce you to Hendrix properly and show you what it can do, join us for an exciting webinar hosted by Unily CTO - Sam Hassani and Global Product Manager - Michael Draisey. 

Our agenda:

  • Meet Hendrix – An introduction to how Hendrix will transform Unily in 2018
  • Explore Key Features – Breaking down the features of Hendrix that make it so powerful
  • See Hendrix in Action – A live demo of how Hendrix can support a real-life business scenario
  • The Future of Hendrix - How you will be able to use Hendrix in the future
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