How can a digital experience platform solve IT management issues?

Any department works best when it is well managed, and the employees feel empowered to do their best work. However, often the high pressure applied to certain departments causes them to run inefficiently and fall short of their goals. This is not ideal for anyone. However, some management issues can be solved by working with digital tools.

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If your IT department is having management issues, then you should perhaps consider incorporating a Digital Experience Platform (DXP). A business operating at capacity will undoubtedly experience issues with demand and employee satisfaction. An easy solution that engages with the most up to date technology to ease this problem would be ideal.

A digital workplace is the platform that links together everything your organization does, improving how your staff connect, engage and work productively. To begin to understand the importance of a DXP let's have a look at the current issues relating to IT management and how they can best be solved.

IT management issues

Currently, many IT teams spend an inordinate amount of time fixing issues that could more easily be solved by smart investment. Before the creation of a digital experience platform, certain issues in relation to IT management had no easy fix.

Digital touchpoints often form the basis of a business’s infrastructure and brand. The maintenance of these touchpoints can become a repetitive and arduous task for IT teams. The cost-effectiveness of IT teams lessens when diverting resources and time to tasks that are irrelevant to their overall goals.

The demands of the digital worker are only going to increase as time goes on. Therefore, it is important to come up with solutions that can not only be used now but can evolve alongside technological innovation. At the moment it is clear that some employees lack the space, time and motivation to be creative. A DXP aims to reduce repetitive and uninteresting tasks for IT teams and other employees and enable a greater freedom in the workspace.

There is a belief at Unily that a business needs to be agile to be effective. When IT management becomes congested, creativity and agility is stifled. In the modern age, the best way to combat workplace frustration is through innovation. Demotivated staff and underperforming service are a help to no one. Eradicating IT management issues and empowering employees can be achieved.

Relieving the pressure

Digital Experience Platforms can be an integral part of your business. Incorporating a DXP can be the first step towards relieving the pressure that may be hindering the performance of your IT team. We have seen how the pressure can mount and management can become overwhelmed. Now it is time to look for a suitable solution.

Using a DXP to support IT

A DXP offers a user-friendly interface that empowers employees to do their job and rely less on IT teams to build the code for pages. This, in turn, frees up the IT department to fulfil their other responsibilities. The use of a DXP is a net win for a business that wants to improve without mounting excess pressure on their departments.

A good Digital Experience Platform will also be a useful addition to your enterprise if it provides:

  • A ready-made platform that integrates with other tools removing the need for IT to work on integrations between the existing systems and the platform.
  • A flexible platform that can easily grow with the business. For example, Unily uses standard frameworks to allow developers to easily add on features and widgets.

The benefits of a DXP are evident. Several companies including Hershey’s, Microsoft and McDonald’s work with Unily because they know that we deliver on our promises and are committed to improving interaction and information access. Unily have developed a DXP solution that alleviates pressure by making workflow run smoothly.

Your digital workplace should constantly be evolving. Working a DXP can enable insights into your business culture that you may not have been aware of. That’s why Unily provides a Customer Success program to gather information from sources including Unily’s analytics, content health-checks, and by an extensive staff opinion survey ensuring the process is smooth and informative.

Your DXP Solution

It is natural to want to do your best at work. But so often pressure and management issues become a barrier to high performance. Incorporating a DXP may be the best step to take if you are looking to relieve pressure in a way that is suited to the demands of the digital world.

It is also important to note that alongside the DXP, Unily can provide a 24/7 support service and have a dedicated Customer Success Manager that specializes in assisting businesses with their DXP solution. If you require support or have any pertinent questions, then Unily is the place to go. This guarantees that your IT Team will have more time to complete projects to a high quality.

Unily's Employee Experience Platform (Unily's unique take on the Digital Experience Platform) has already been a successful tool for many companies. For those who want to take the next step towards streamlining information and maximizing efficiency in the workplace Unily’s Employee Experience Platform can be the solution.

Contact our team of Unily experts for more information on how Unily's Employee Experience Platform could relieve the stress off your IT department and provide many more benefits for your organization.

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