BrightStarr sponsors touchtennis

Earlier this month Brightstarr sponsored a touchtennis tournament in the UK, one of the country’s newest and growing racket sports.

touchtennis umpire wearing a Unily shirt

Now, you may be wondering, what is touchtennis? Touchtennis is a modified version of tennis played on a compact court with foam balls and shorter rackets. The game was created by Rashid Ahmad as a means of entertaining his young daughter and has since been developed to include a tour, complete with rankings, four major grand slams as well as Masters Events and other smaller tournaments. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, male or female; the key to the game’s addictiveness is the enjoyment that comes from repeatedly and intelligently outwitting opponents.

Named the 2017 Unily Masters, the tournament attracted a global audience as well as coverage on Sky Sports, Facebook and Periscope which ensured great exposure for Brightstarr and Unily.

Rashid Ahmad on Brightstarr as a sponsor – “Brightstarr has been supporting the growth of touchtennis since 2007 when the first pro event was played. As a grass roots initiative, Brightstarr - with its commitment to social responsibility - has helped this young sport grow from 8 players to over 10,000 and is now title sponsor for major events such as the Sky Sports featured Unily Masters in Portsmouth earlier in February.”

You can watch the Unily Masters final here.

Katy Smith Marketing Manager

Katy’s role may not be customer facing, but her work is usually what new clients see first. If it’s beautifully presented, informative, and has a BrightStarr logo on it, she’s normally been involved. Her role is broad, but Katy is a determined go-getter who makes things happen. She looks after the marketing team in the UK, marketing strategy for both sides of the Atlantic, and develops both the BrightStarr and Unily brands. Tactically, that means her team controls everything from ensuring the site comes up in internet search results, to the look and feel of your consultant’s business card.

Katy came from a fashion background, obtaining her degree from Leeds University and via interning at a major women’s magazine, and now applies that same finesse to the BrightStarr brand identity.

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