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Webinar Recording - What Makes an Award-Winning Intranet?

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We know a thing or two about award winning intranets, having won the Nielsen Norman Award for Best Intranet Design for four of the last five years.

Everyone knows what a good intranet should have, but how do you put the theory into practice to create an award-winning intranet? We’re starting the year off with a webinar to share the knowledge, hints and tips that we've learnt over the past 10 years. We'll help you shape your intranet business strategy – creating a long-term, sustainable business case of why Intranets matter.

What are we covering?

  • dorma+kaba's award-winning intranet built on Unily
  • The importance of people to the success of an intranet
  • How to manage content to keep it relevant and current
  • Driving adoption during launch
  • Effective governance to drive consumption
  • Where to take your intranet project next

Why should you watch?

 Get a jump start on the improvements you can make to ensure your intranet success in 2016.