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Today it’s not enough for your Human Resource department to use email and file sharing programs alone. In order to ensure effective communication amongst your workforce and facilitate information sharing and collaboration, you need to harness the power of an intranet.

Having an intranet platform in place will provide your HR department with an easy way to communicate with, and provide support to, your current workforce, along with potential hires and new employees. From making announcements and addressing concerns to recruiting and training, a Human Resources intranet will support your HR team with their core responsibilities, keep things running smoothly and benefit your workforce as a whole.

There are many benefits of having a great intranet platform that is specific to HR. Unily’s software-as-a-service platform can enable your organization to better support your HR team in their day-to-day work, streamline HR processes and make life much simpler! A powerful, tailored intranet platform can help your HR team be more efficient and concentrate on what they do best. Discover the power of Unily.

Improve communication with employees

Communicating with employees is vital to any HR team. An increasing number of employees are working remotely, so good, strong communicative channels are becoming more of a challenge.

With Unily’s intranet platform, you can create and push relevant content to the right employees at the right time, allowing you to deliver a truly personalized experience for the user. Showing all employees the same information will only engage those that it’s relevant to, leaving the rest of your staff feeling disconnected and uninvolved. Advanced targeting ensures that HR communications reach the relevant staff.

Your organization can also opt for a social platform which allows public online conversations to discuss wider organizational issues and specific teams, with private social channels, to discuss more niche issues. It’s a real opportunity to curate and communicate your corporate culture across the organization, increasing staff motivation. Unily will facilitate high quality employee engagement and help you create a dynamic space for two-way conversations across your organization.

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Centralize all your resources

Unily’s intranet platform provides a central location for storing documents and sharing. An HR intranet needs to be well organized and easy to navigate to be as beneficial as possible to a business. Staff need to be able to find data quickly. Through the smart search functionality employees can easily find relevant information, such as booking annual leave, submitting expenses claims, or appraisal forms.

It’s also extremely important that sensitive data hosted on your platform is protected. You can set up permission restrictions to ensure that only those that should have access to particular documents have access, making sure that any sensitive information remains confidential.

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Integrate with other platforms

Unily can deliver so much more than just a traditional intranet HR platform; we aim to create a platform at the core of your digital workplace. Your business can opt to integrate external applications employees are already using, such as Office 365, Workday, Expensify and many more.

Unily is built on Microsoft Azure which has a flexible infrastructure. We can quickly and easily develop an out-of-the-box intranet platform tailored to your team’s specific needs and allow you to continue using the same applications your employees are already familiar with.

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An easy source of education and training tools

WA successful organization needs to develop its work staff. A key element to this is to provide a variety of different training tools and educational activities.

As the centralized digital hub of your organization, Unily’s intranet platform can provide smooth, easy access to the broad variety of training your organization has to offer, from informative written content, to training videos and booking systems for classroom sessions.

Design simple forms for employee surveys and automated workflows

Unily’s platform supports employee feedback and efficient workflows. You can design simple forms from scratch, to gather information from employees and track their satisfaction quickly and efficiently. This means any issues raised by staff can be resolved quicker, increasing the motivation of employees and making them feel heard.

With workflow automation, work flows from staff members and systems to the cloud and back easily. What were previously time-consuming tasks transform into efficient processes, so your team concentrate on other more important responsibilities.

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Streamline your recruitment process

An efficient recruitment process is extremely important for both internal and external vacancies. Our streamlined intranet platform allows your organization to communicate job vacancies quickly and easily and set up efficient applications forms. HR recruitment managers can easily communicate with one another about candidates, using private messaging systems. This is a huge benefit if your organization has multiple offices spread far apart.

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Human Resources intranet platform. Streamline your HR processes.

One of the core aims for any HR department is to ensure that you maintain a positive, efficient working environment that supports talent within your organization. Improving communication, configuring access to information and centralizing your data will have a hugely positive impact on the staff you serve.

Every HR team should have its employees at the heart of how it operates. A Unily HR intranet platform has the power to create a working environment all HR teams should be aspiring to.

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