HENDRIX. UX design made easy.

Choosing a ready-made intranet solution shouldn’t mean compromising on unique functionality. That’s why we created Hendrix, a unique user-experience engine within the Unily platform that makes it quicker and easier to develop unique intranet experience for your employees. Create custom widgets, build content types, implement search intelligence and configure page layouts directly within Unily, accelerating delivery and removing the need for custom code or a redeployment of your site.

CREATE. Your Imagination is the only limit.

Every business has static archived lists of information, products, services or resources which simply sit somewhere. This could be a directory of services, an FAQ that sits in a word document or a hard to navigate SharePoint list that you want to rejuvenate. With Hendrix, you can take that information and re-create or surface it within Unily very, very quickly, with no additional deployment or lengthy development process. Hendrix’s capabilities extend to not only query Unily content, but content from external providers such as RSS feeds and Web Services. Simply pick the data source, compose a query, create a template using an intuitive HTML builder and off you go. If you have the skills, Hendrix lets you take the wheel and drive. If not, we’re here with you every step of the way.

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DIY. Dev it yourself.

Since Unily's creation, our development team have been working with you to create unique experience to meet your business requirements. With Hendrix, customizations and alterations are now faster and easier, requiring less heavy-lifting and removing development bottlenecks. If you have the in-house skills, we can put the power into your hands. Giving you the ability to work within the platform in the same way our development team do, building out content types, page layouts, widget HTML and more. Hendrix is made up of several components offering a full suite of configuration and customization opportunity.

create page layouts

code widget html

create content types

design ui elements

add scripts and styles

build search queries

GRIDS + WIDGETS. Rich pages with no code.

A key element of Hendrix is the grid and widget structure that all Unily pages are built on. This empowers your team to quickly build out pages and layouts across the intranet, such as a department page, simply dragging and dropping widgets like news rollups and document lists onto defined row and column configurations. As all pages across Unily use this structure, your team also have the ability to easily make changes to core pages across the site, from swapping out content on the homepage, to adding in a video widget to promote a new campaign. Whatever your skills, you can be a Unily expert.

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Our clients. Intranet solutions for the enterprise.

Unily has worked with customers from all verticals to develop unique digital experiences that transform communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. Every project we take on is another opportunity to demonstrate the agility of the product and the reliability of our established success framework.

Cricket Australia

With an over-arching goal to increase the popularity of the sport, Cricket Australia needed a new way to bring together all these associations under one roof, including the players and all support staff, so they could all collaborate seamlessly.

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Cricket Australia


With a diverse mix of support staff, security guards, groundsmen and coaches split across three sites, the club needed a simple way to modernize the flow of information to every employee, while improving processes and streamlining tools. A ready-to-go intranet platform was the answer in the shape of Unily, the first of its kind for Saints.

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Amec Foster Wheeler

With 44,000 employees from two distinct companies coming together, senior leadership knew they needed a new platform to deliver consistent communications and information to reassure and engage with employees at a time of great change. This new platform would not only help to bring the cultures together, but provide a one stop shop for every employee to access information to support their work.

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Amec Foster Wheeler

Where next? Latest stories and insights.

Unily introduces follow feature and notification upgrades

Your staff are used to personalized digital experiences. At home, their social networking account knows to push cat memes to the top of their feed, their chosen music service knows they like ballads in the morning and jazz in the evening, and their smart speaker knows what they’re favourite brand of coffee is when to remind them to order more. In the consumer world, life is getting easier and people’s expectations are changing. In the corporate world, intranets are striving to keep up.

Fortnum unites business partners with a unily digital workplace

Fortnum has a centralised model with a head office based in North Sydney that’s responsible for bringing the business and partners together through processes, compliance, communication, best practice, advice, news and cross learning.

From SoHo to NoHo: Unily opens new New York hub

After months of planning, preparation, and just a little frustration, Unily's new New York hub is finally open. Our brand new digs are located at 31 Bond St, just three blocks from our previous office on Spring and Broadway.

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