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Accessing knowledge efficiently transforms patient experience and underpins medical breakthroughs. By launching a collaboration-focused intranet, you can unleash the expertise that will prove life-changing.

Help employees deliver improved patient care by supporting them with a powerful healthcare intranet. For hospitals and medical facilities, intranets can improve communication and collaboration, enhance staff training, and enable your people to do their best work.


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"Unily has great search capabilities, contemporary design, is viewable on any device and soon will allow us to reach employees in our distribution centers, labs, and transport networks for the first time. It’s a real game changer for us."

Kerry Christopher - VP Internal Communications at Cardinal Health

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Prevent the unthinkable

Mistakes happen in every industry, but in healthcare, the consequences can be dire. Minimizing preventable errors will not only improve your bottom line, it will also ensure that your patients receive an unparalleled standard of care. However, enhancing workplace performance and optimizing accuracy aren’t easy tasks. To reduce the potential for accidental harm, your employees need access to the right tools and resources in the blink of an eye. Pair a comprehensive knowledge repository with consumer-grade search functionality to ensure seamless access to the information that will prove life-altering.

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Upgrade cross-functional collaboration

As the need for specialist knowledge reaches a peak, make segmentation a thing of the past. Spotlight who knows what with an enhanced directory that includes one-click contact information for efficient collaboration.

Unily's people directory lets employees quickly and easily search for the people they need and contact them directly from your intranet, even in an emergency. User tags streamline communication and collaboration by allowing staff to search for people with specific specialties or expertise, or by location, department, and role.

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A Secure central location for resources

An intranet provides a central location for document storage and sharing, allowing staff to easily navigate large volumes of files and find what they’re looking for.

Confidentiality and security are of utmost importance to healthcare organizations, who need to ensure sensitive data is secure. Unily is both ISO and SOC 2 certified, guaranteeing best practice when it comes to protecting your information.

Centralized document storage drives productivity and knowledge sharing to support efficient practices. User permissions restrict document access so that everyone has access to the information they need, but confidential information remains private.

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Keep pace with government requirements and mandates

As one of the most highly regulated industries, healthcare leaders must always keep their finger on the pulse for new mandates and regulations. Policy changes have the potential to uproot standard business protocols and transform how your organization functions. To maintain an agile mindset and ensure your workforce can swiftly adapt, targeted internal communications are crucial. An intranet with a feature-rich CMS will make it easy to spread the word on regulatory changes and centralize information to help your workforce stay compliant and up to date.

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Personalized experiences with advanced customization

Surgeons, doctors, nurses, researchers, orderlies, and administrative staff all require unique experiences tailored to their needs. A Unily intranet delivers truly personalized user experiences across any device, so employees only see exactly what they need.

Unily's advanced targeting ensures that relevant content and communications reach the right people, wherever they are, whatever their role.

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Centralize resources. Help your healthcare staff care for patients.

A comprehensive intranet is the central hub of a healthcare organization. With Unily, building a culture where staff feel valued and appreciated has never been easier, so boosting engagement with communications and collaboration among staff becomes simple. A powerful healthcare intranet, rich with features and functionality, transforms the employee experience, streamlining processes and helping your people ensure a better standard of care for patients. Give your organization a competitive advantage with a healthcare intranet and enjoy the long-term success of your organization with improved employee satisfaction and talent retention and an enhanced employee value proposition.

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