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From some of the biggest names in the financial world to smaller community institutions, Unily supports financial services enterprises with its employee experience platform. Our intranet solution is equipped to cope with the rapid increase of next-generation technology that impacts every financial services enterprise. In an era of ongoing innovation and ever-changing regulations, your organization needs a single source of truth that is both efficient and secure. By pairing an easy-to-configure platform with enterprise-grade security, your intranet will underpin your organization’s next step forward.


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Protect what matters most

Financial services enterprises are often top targets for cybercrime, so protecting your knowledgebase and maintaining proper cybersecurity protocols should be some of your most pressing priorities. Safeguard internal information with an EXP that has both ISO27001:2013 and SOC 2 security certifications, as well as vulnerability penetration testing.

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Keep your workforce updated and aligned

The financial world is notoriously fast-paced. From keeping up with industry regulations to maintaining compliance, your employees always need to stay one step ahead. When it comes to communicating crucial news quickly, your EXP can become your best tool. Use mandatory content reads and mobile push notifications to make sure every employee sees the latest news the moment it breaks.

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'Informa brings international divisions together using a single digital workplace' case study front cover

Informa brings international divisions together using a single digital workplace

Create a culture of trust

Too many financial services enterprises overlook the importance of culture, and as a result, employer branding may take a hit. Combat the broad sense of skepticism many large institutions face by cultivating a workplace environment that empowers and inspires. Use your EXP to set the tone for your corporate culture by emphasizing your missions and values. Take it a step further by encouraging your employees to raise their voice via user-generated content and social networking functionality.

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Unlock next-level efficiency

Your employees don’t have time to waste looking for information or emailing several contacts to pinpoint their desired collaborator. Pave the way for peak productivity by launching an EXP that makes it easy for your users to initiate cross-functional collaboration through your user profile directory and puts knowledge right at their fingertips with consumer-grade search.

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Create better partnerships

Whether you’re preparing for a merger or launching a new partnership, your network extends far beyond your full-time staff. Make sure everyone can access the knowledge and resources they need by launching an extranet or portal that centralizes shared resources, while keeping confidential records private.

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Connect your frontline

Whether they’re making a sale or preparing for a trade, arm your frontline with the tools and communications pathways they need to succeed. A mobile responsive EXP will empower every employee to take full advantage of their knowledgebase and connect with their colleagues, whether they are at their desk or on the trade floor.

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