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Custom intranet solutions are often slow and expensive. You spend months setting up your intranet, only to find that your employees can't figure out how to use it. Unily is different. Fast to deploy and easy to use, Unily is an out-of-the-box solution that can be customized to meet your goals. Prioritizing user friendliness and collaboration, it's the intranet your employees will love using.

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10 essentials for creating an intranet your employees will love

Flexible design with grids and widgets

Unily’s stripped back approach to design makes it easy to create a user-friendly platform that makes your content pop; no HTML or IT support necessary. In the world of out-the-box solutions, this level of customization is unrivalled. A gallery of ready-made widgets, including everything from document and social feeds to task lists and video content, provide limitless content options. Selecting from the gallery, simply drop the chosen widgets into place using a flexible grid to guide positioning. You can even create unique page layouts for different devices - so your page could look completely dfferent for mobile users. Preview options allow you to ensure your layout is optimized for every device and Site Templates give you the option to save your page design for future use.

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A Unily intranet delivers a powerful and versatile company intranet, which integrates with your existing technology systems to help employees work smarter.

Over the years, we have built up a reputation for our seamless integration with Office 365. Now, we take this further by offering the same seamless experience when integrating with any external system from G-Suite to BOX to department specific tools like HubSpot, Workday, and SAP.

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Take your job by storm with Unily Success

We’ve had enough experience implementing digital workplace solutions to know that developing a successful intranet is about more than selecting the right technology. For your intranet to thrive, it needs to be continuously evolving. That’s why we developed Unily Success.

Unily Success is about bringing our customers together to share best practices and innovate. Delivered through an online portal packed with resources and open discussions, as well as networking events held across the globe, our unique Success program gives customers all the support they need to get the best out of Unily.

Unily Success

Surface knowledge from anywhere with enterprise search

Unily has been designed with extensibility in mind. Inherent flexibility when it comes to integrating with data that resides within other business applications or external systems sets Unily apart from other product-based digital workplace solutions. Using a global search capability to surface content from on-premises systems and external search engines provides an effective way of accessing and integrating information from an inexhaustible list of sources on a single platform. Ultimately, this makes Unily the perfect intranet solution for enterprises seeking the rapid deployment of a feature-full base from which to grow their digital workplace.

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Social features. That drive engagement.

Unily is packed full of tools to improve communication and boost productivity across your organization. At the heart of the Unily experience are social features that promote collaboration at every turn.

We believe that a socially enabled intranet drives engagement both with the platform itself and the business as a whole. Enterprise social networking provides a place to collaborate, engage, add value and build a community mindset. By placing social features at the forefront of the Unily experience, we ensure that every user has the ability to participate in discussions and contribute to a centralized knowledge forum.

Users can react, comment, post, @mention and tag intuitively, making it easy to start new dialogues and keep the conversation flowing. Public, private and secret channels empower users to select the audience they want to interact with on specific topics.

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