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Cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and fully customizable, Unily is the intranet solution that your organization needs. Essential business applications integrate seamlessly with Unily to provide a single unified experience, and users can create, share, respond to, and engage with company information with ease. Now it is faster than ever to deploy a custom intranet platform, see how our powerful Intranet-as-a-Service solution can improve productivity, efficency and engagement within your organization.


Unily provides a cloud intranet solution that is available anytime, anywhere. Because it is cloud-based, it is fast to deploy, allowing you to adopt an advanced platform without the normal time and cost constraints. Unily's Intranet-as-a-Service solution means the product is ready out-of-the-box, and our team can deploy it in weeks, not months, including branding, technical configurations, and educating your team.

Unily's unique architecture means it can be customized with ease, and you can add and remove users and features as your requirements change. And being hosted in the cloud means it is highly scalable, ensuring it becomes an intranet platform that grows and evolves with your organization.

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Get maximum ROI with Unily Success

We’ve had enough experience implementing digital workplace solutions to know that developing a successful intranet is about more than selecting the right technology. For your intranet to thrive, it needs to be continuously evolving. That’s why we developed Unily Success.

Unily Success is about bringing our customers together to share best-practices and innovate. Delivered through an online portal packed with resources and open discussions, as well as networking events held across the globe, our unique Success program gives customers all the support they need to get the best out of Unily.

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Unily is built to be fast. Not only is deployment much quicker than with fully custom intranets, but its fast performance means no one is ever left frustrated by being unable to access the information they need in the moment, improving the user experience and ensuring everyone in your organization can make the most out of the platform.

Unily utilizes a single tenanted architecture rather than a multi-tenanted solution, which makes configuration easy. Running on Microsoft Azure, it provides a fast, powerful intranet solution without restrictions, benefiting all users whether they are creating content, accessing information, reacting to news, or collaborating on projects.

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A new intranet platform can present a challenge to users who are unfamiliar with it, but Unily makes the transition easy by combining SharePoint Online with the Office 365 suite. It enhances the cloud-based SharePoint platform to provide a more user-friendly experience, and the seamless integration with Office 365 apps means users won't even realize when they're using multiple products.

Office 365 applications are core apps for many users, but at Unily we went beyond simply integrating them. On the Unily intranet platform, the apps become part of Unily to provide a seamless digital workplace. Whether creating documents in Word and Excel, or chatting on Skype for Business, everything takes place in a single unified space to drive adoption.

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Unily is more than just a standard internal communications solution for your organization. Its powerful and user-friendly features take your internal communications to a new level, ensuring anyone can send, receive, and react to engaging content wherever they are.

hether you want to target specific people or teams, or you want a solution that provides users with the flexibility to prioritize the content they receive and decide how they react to it, Unily is the solution you’re looking for.

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