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You recognize that your customers’ are more demanding than ever. They're information rich and time poor. To cut through the noise, you need to give them tailored information, fast. And if you don’t deliver, someone else will. Creating an extraordinary digital experience is now mission-critical in terms of holding on to customers and staying ahead of the competition. A one-size-fits-all approach is no longer an option. Consumers expect personalized digital experiences that give them what they need, when they need it, on whichever device they choose. Meeting these demands requires a sophisticated DXP that not only gives you the agility to rapidly adapt your digital experience in response to consumer needs, but generates the data insights to inform meaningful change. With more and more of your customer’s touchpoints being digital, it has never been so important to have the right tools to provide them with the right digital customer experience.

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We're here to help you. What makes a great customer experience?

Speed is important to today’s consumer. They hate to wait. Your website or platform needs to not only ‘be fast’ but help the customer ‘be fast’. Clear navigation is one thing but delivering a bespoke user experience tailored to meet individual needs is one step closer. This can be achieved by customizing individual user experiences based on what you know about them, or even better let them tailor the experience themselves.

Today’s consumer wants to flow through a digital experience effortlessly, without having to be made to think. They may be multi-tasking - whether streaming video, instant messaging or being engaged in a non-digital activity - so they do not want to have to give more than a proportion of their cognitive ability to any one task. This is the reality of providing customer experiences today.

Unily comes packed with a host of functionality that allows you to cut through the noise and engage your customer against the odds. Show consumers that you understand their needs and deliver a digital experience that gives them easy access to the information they want, when they want it. Creating a winning digital experience is about making your customers' lives easy and Unily does just that.

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Design and deliver any digital experience, on any device

You have worked hard to develop a brand that resonates with your audience; you don’t want to compromise this. With Unily there are no compromises. The powerful yet easy to use Hendrix Engine gives you ultimate flexibility to build the components you need, to look the way you want.

Our world-class CMS delivers superior content management via an intuitive interface that requires zero technical knowledge to operate. The Grid and Widget page builder allows a sophisticated visual experience to be built with a light developer touch. Rapidly adapt your platform to meet changing demands in a matter of minutes using widgets to surface information in engaging, dynamic ways.

With consumers interacting over different device types, Unily's responsive design allows you to deliver the best experience over mobile, tablet and desktop. Tailor the experience with device segmentation to optimize each touchpoint for the ultimate customer experience on every device.

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Customize your user experience

You want your customers to be able to self-serve; access the features they need fast. But when you want your customer portal to be able to deliver a wide range of services, how do you ensure that what is front of mind for one customer is made easy without restricting functionality? The secret lies in customization by user.

Unily is smart and you can use it to help your customers be smarter. Users can be identified to belong to groups which will evolve the way content is presented to them. If some consumers visit your portal to usually check their billing status and costs, then the panels can be customized to take them straight through to this function. What about customizing the view by demographic information? This can be done too.

As a result, your customers get to do what they want faster and easier. In return, your business benefits from increased customer satisfaction, gets more people using self-service, less calls to phone lines and less need for online chat sessions. It’s a win-win. Plus, with Unily’s experience engine Hendrix at the heart of it, you know that these experiences will be beautiful and can be easily created within your team without the need for IT support.

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Personalized customer experiences

While customization and personalization can be used interchangeably in some instances, here we are talking about consumers actively making a decision to change their view of your portal to their tastes. Not just cosmetic changes, but what they see where and the information that they want to prioritize. This takes the user experience management further than delivering an experience on behavior or attribute, it empowers your consumers to make your system most useful to them.

The power of handing control to consumers should not be underestimated. You are giving them the tools to make things theirs. By owning the experience they have with your business, they become more bought into the brand. At Unily we want to help you create advocates and brand champions through customer experience. The winning businesses here are not looking at their digital touchpoints and trying to pacify their audience. They want to excite, engage and empower their consumers and, from this, deliver stronger business results built on the back of happier customers.

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Centralize data from all sources

Your customer is used to having relevant information at their fingertips and the more you can provide, the more valuable your service becomes. They don't want to have to jump between emails, websites and apps to find out how long it will take for their order to process or how many loyalty points they've earned; they want all this information in one easily accessible place. To achieve this requires a highly extensible portal.

Unily delivers market-leading integration options that allow you to surface data from multiple external sources in one centralized location. An intrinsically extensible platform, Unily provides a user-friendly gateway to information held in external applications and repositories. Our Hendrix Engine gives you the agility to call and display this data in dynamic and engaging ways, providing a central hub for all information relevant to a customer's journey. Whether you want to deliver live inventory updates, price point comparisons or delivery tracking information; where there's a widget, there's a way.

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Safe and secure customer experiences

People need to feel safe and secure online. Their data and privacy need to be protected. This isn’t simply driven from European GDPR regulations but from consumer sentiment. Unily understands how to deliver safe and secure digital experiences from their years of successfully delivering secure private systems. At Unily we can demonstrate our commitment to security, not simply from our track record, our certifications including ISO27001:2013 and SOC 2 prove our abilities in this area. System features include data encryption, IP restriction management, an intrusion detection system and regular penetration testing. We also provide options for data domiciles if you require this.

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Unily can bring life to your customer experience dreams. We know that every business is different. Therefore, we won’t try and push you down the same old paths. We want to learn what you and your customer yearn for and work hard to help you deliver that, time and time again for the benefit of your business.

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Unily has worked with customers from all verticals to develop unique digital experiences that transform communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. Every project we take on is another opportunity to demonstrate the agility of the product and the reliability of our established success framework.


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