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Get answers instantly with filters and refiners, and find exactly what you're looking for with personalized search experiences. Intuitively search across your documents, your people directory, and your social feeds to find the information you need to perform at your best.

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Search across any application

Different applications have different search experiences, but Unily brings them all together for a single pane of glass view of all your information. A seamless user experience with instant results covers all integrated file repositories, so you spend less time switching applications and more time streamlining your digital workplace.

Search across all applications

Fine-tune relevancy

Unily works straight out of the box, but you can fine-tune relevancy settings to maximize search effectiveness. Unily gives you granular control over search criteria, so you can rank the importance of different properties and alter the sensitivity of features like fuzzy matching.

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Tailored search experiences

Not everyone needs the same search, so Unily's unified search caters to all use cases. Create targeted search centers for different departments, focusing on the information they need first. Allow HR to find policies quickly, or help new starters discover onboarding materials with a localized search experience.

Tailored search experiences

Clients. Level up employee experience with Unily.

Enhancing employee experience comes down to giving your workforce exactly what they're looking for. By launching a next-generation intranet that is custom-fit to your enterprise's needs and use cases, you will lay the foundation maximal engagement.

Oil and gas giant Shell required a solution to power engagement and productivity across their 135,000 global employees. As the sixth-largest company in the world, the solution needed to reflect the utmost quality in terms of design and delivery.

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Shell intranet on mobile

As a global design firm, Stantec required a platform that would unite employees and become a cultural lynchpin. The Canada-based enterprise envisioned an internal newsroom where employees would interact with company news and contribute to a collaborative culture. Unily brought this vision to life and kicked-off a digital workplace journey.

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To usher in the next generation of ingenuity, Crayola sought a digital workplace that would drive collaboration and unlock every game-changing idea from head office to factory floor.

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Crayola homepage on mobile phone
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