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Unily makes deep integrations with the Microsoft stack simple, integrating with SharePoint, Azure, Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, Yammer, PowerBI, To Do, and more.

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365

Starting life as a SharePoint consultancy all the way back in 2006, Unily is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Suite. Our employee experience platform is based upon Microsoft Azure, deeply integrating with Microsoft’s services and applications to deliver a seamless single pane of glass digital workplace to your users. Our one-stop-shop approach to integration delivers more consistent and efficient user experiences, which in turn increases both platform adoption and productivity.

By bringing siloed systems and enterprise technology together under one roof, they can deliver even more value through quicker access, consistent experience, and more context.

Microsoft Office 365. All the apps in a united solution.

Unily is the Intranet as a Service product that brings Microsoft Office 365 tools together into a single experience. Users don’t need to know they’re using multiple products to collaborate and communicate. Employees work within a single unified space, so they no-longer feel they are swapping between applications – they just get on and do what they need to do.

Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with all the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Search for and surface OneDrive documents directly within Unily, making document management and collaboration seamless and simple.

Never miss a beat with access to your Outlook emails directly from Unily, keeping your key comms channels front and center.

Stay on top of your working day with integrated access to your Microsoft Calendar, including the ability to accept invites at the click of a button.

Bring Teams channels into your intranet, connect with colleagues, and share content directly from Unily, helping users get the most from Teams in a single platform.

Stay connected and interact with key social channels all within Unily, with commenting and sharing across your channels powered by Yammer.

Access SharePoint sites through the customizable Workspaces menu. Search for and access documents from within Unily with a unified search experience.

Context is king. Place Power BI reports into the wider context of your business and provide a central location to share deep insight with the right people.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Unily deeply integrates Azure Active Directory for both user profile information and authentication. If your users already use Azure AD identities to access your cloud productivity suite, you can use those same identities for your new Unily intranet. With support for single sign-on, integrations with all parts of the Microsoft 365 platform will be automatically logged in, saving you time. Once logged in, your users will have access to a searchable people directory surfacing all your accurate and up to date profile data directly from Azure AD.

Unily search directory


Bring your SharePoint sites and documents through into your Unily hub with deep integrations that give you access to everything you need in one place. Search for the documents and SharePoint sites you need from within Unily’s global search center, including dynamic filters so you can find what you need faster than ever. Rollup specific documents and sites across your digital workplace to put them into a broader context.

Unily SharePoint search


Unily deeply integrates with OneDrive to make collaboration effortless. You can search for personal files and shared files through the unified search center to quickly surface documents, so when it comes to collaborating with colleagues, everything you need is available within Unily.

Unily document center One Drive

Microsoft Teams

Increase the visibility of your important Teams conversations by surfacing teams and channels directly within Unily. With an at-a-glance overview of Teams activity and one-click access to Teams channels, your users will remain more connected to the collaborative workstreams. With a 'Share to Teams' button available for plug-and-play installation from the Unily Feature Store, you can instantly share important communications from your intranet to Teams channels, increasing comms reach and fueling valuable conversations.

Unily share to Teams


Connect people across your enterprise by integrating Yammer into your employee experience platform. Give users the ability to comment on any communications content, surface Yammer Communities, and even bring all your Communities together with a Yammer landing page. A 'Share to Yammer' button allows you to share content directly from the intranet to your Yammer Communities to keep the conversation going.

Yammer feed on laptop


Outlook is the most popular desktop email client in the world, and Unily offers a host of integrations to connect Outlook to your digital workplace. Display your latest emails and your Outlook calendar on your intranet homepage, so you can stay on top of your day at a glance. Respond to meeting invites without switching applications, and add intranet events directly into your Outlook calendar.

Unily Outlook integration

Power BI

Unily integrates Power BI dashboards and data visualization tools with Unily sites to surface valuable insights on your intranet and give people all the information they need to make informed decisions and do their best work.

Power Bi

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