dorma+kaba’s Award Winning Intranet Story

Enabling Innovation Between 16,000 Diverse Employees

Global access and security solutions provider dorma+kaba rely on innovation and new products to keep them at the forefront of their industry. With 16,000 diverse employees spread across 50 countries speaking multiple languages, they felt that they weren’t able to effectively tap into new innovation that comes from employee collaboration.

With two of their biggest industry events just months away, and a view to make a big positive impact on how the company continues to innovate into the future, dorma+kaba decided they needed a brand new digital workplace solution. They chose to adopt Unily Hub; BrightStarr’s Intranet as a Service, which allowed them to deploy a feature-full intranet solution in just 60 days.

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654% increase in corporate news coverage

With over 16,000 employees in hundreds of job roles and functions, dorma+kaba’s new intranet had to ensure that the right groups of users were seeing the information that was relevant to their daily role, in their first language.

Unily Hub’s internal communication platform allowed for engaging rich media content such as blogs, corporate news, videos, events, announcements and more to be translated and then targeted to particular user groups easily from within an intuitive Content-Management-System. As well as this, users were encouraged to personalize the information that they want to see by choosing Topics they’re interested in. This combination of functionality ensured that the information users were seeing was relevant and useful, ensuring they always came back for more.

100% Social to Drive Collaboration

dorma+kaba’s key driver for their new digital workplace was to create channels through which their employees from across 50 countries could collaborate and innovate effectively. Their Unily intranet is completely integrated with Enterprise Social Networking platform Yammer, giving employees a platform to start conversations, comment on internal communications and drive new innovation.

At the time of their two biggest industry events, over 500 new conversations were started on Yammer around new product announcements and trends in the industry, allowing employees from across borders to connect, collaborate and communicate together. As well as social collaboration functionality, their Unily Hub intranet also integrates with SharePoint Online, providing employees with familiar SharePoint site functionality for document collaboration.

Great User Experience from Any Device

dorma+kaba’s employees range from those in the head office to those in remote factories with no access to a computer. That’s why they had to choose a solution that provided a consistent standard of usability and user experience, no matter what device the intranet was viewed from. Unily Hub intranets are completely responsive but also have native applications for iOS, Android and Windows, empowering staff to stay connected to the organization and get work done anywhere, anytime.

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Faster Hybrid Intranets

Dorma_kaba win global intranet award 2016

In January 2016, the dorma+kaba and Unily teams received some exciting news – their intranet solution has been selected as one of the 10 Best Intranets in the World by User Experience firm the Nielsen Norman Group. Dorma+kaba was chosen based on its design, usability and adoption.

Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Noman Group and usability expert commented that "In just 60 days, the intranet team created a global, social intranet in advance of two large company events. The combination of the impending events and the introduction of social tools created the perfect equation for intranet success, with the events acting as natural drivers for social content creation and conversation on the site. The events, combined with strong support from management, have made the global company’s shift to a social intranet notably smooth and well-received."

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