Collaboration. Bringing people and information together.

Empowering your employees with the right collaboration tools can transform working habits, break silos and unlock unforeseen potential in your workforce. Unily has developed a host of functionality to help enterprises facilitate more efficient teamwork and remove traditional barriers that prevent cohesive knowledge sharing. With Unily, your employees can come together to share ideas and innovate from anywhere in the world, on any device.

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Feature-full. Collaboration tools that reinvent teamwork.

Unily delivers best-in-class collaboration tools to drive better, more productive teamwork. With a myriad of intuitively designed features to choose from, Unily empowers enterprises to build collaborative cultures that transform working habits and operational efficiency.

Unily sites

Unily Sites

Dedicated sites act as a home for all tools and information relevant to a department or project. Each site has its own dedicated content store to hold news, videos and events so that sites are populated with their own, unique content.

Site templates menu in Unily CMS

Site Templates

With site templates allow you to take a well-designed page and save it as a template to be used a base from which to build out future layouts. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures consistency across your intranet.

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Dedicated workspaces make your intranet easy to navigate by grouping sites related to a particular topic or department. Accessible from the global navigation, users can enjoy one-click access to the tools and information they need.

External user invites

External Users

Invite external contributors - contractors, freelancers and anyone else without company credentials who plays a key role in your organization - to collaborate with your internal team directly on your intranet. Govern permissions easily so that only information you want to share is accessible.

Apps and tools menu

Apps and Tools

Unily’s intuitive apps and tools navigation gives users easy access to the critical business systems they rely on day-to-day from a menu in the global navigantion. Whether it’s Office 365 apps or external tools, all can be accessed from the apps and tools menu in a matter of clicks.

Reactions on a social feed

Social Feeds

Unlock a new culture of work with integrated social features that promote social interaction at every turn. The ability to like, comment, tag and @mention is embedded across all content, inviting users to participate and exchange ideas naturally, as they would at home.

Customer success. Get the most out of your digital workplace.

Help your communities thrive with Unily’s dedicated customer success management. We work with you to map your existing and new content to the relevant collaboration template or Sites, helping you to ensure you’re utilizing the functionality in the most understandable and effective way. As part of this, we advise on the best Information Architecture and taxonomy for your intranet, helping users to easily find and contribute to the collaboration areas. This extensive post-deployment support will help you make your intranet the hub of collaborative activity, supporting teams around the globe to work smarter.

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Apps and Tools. A gateway to productivity.

Eliminate time wasted searching for the right tools to get the job done by consolidating your internal and external systems in one, unified space. Unily’s apps and tools navigation gives employees intuitive, single-source access to all the critical business systems they rely on day-to-day.

Instead of jumping between platforms, users enjoy streamlined access to the tools they need without leaving the intranet. Apps can even be targeted to users based on criteria such as department or location to make sure everyone has intuitive access to the tools they need.

With seamless Office 365 integration, the Unily experience can drive consumption of Microsoft’s leading collaboration tools. Third party apps can be just as easily integrated so there’s no tool left out of the centralized hub.

Apps and tools directory on desktop and mobile

Unily subscription. Mix and match with Hub and Engage.

Communication Hub Hub
News, Blogs, Events, Videos, Announcements Included Included
Broadcast Center
Desktop and push notifications, email newsletters, template manager, audience management
Included Included
Multi Sites and Site Templates Included Included
Workspaces Included Included
Share and Collaborate with External Users Included Included
Apps and Tools Included Included
Social Feeds Included Included
Content Management
Enterprise CMS with Version Control and Responsive Preview Included Included
Audience Targeting and User Personalization Included Included
Targeted Homepages Included Included
Multilingual Included Included
Mandatory Content Included Included
Web Forms and Workflows Included Included
Content Templates Included Included
Front end content creation Included Included
Document and Media Management
Bulk uploading, securable libraries, tagging
Included Included
Custom Content Types Included Included
Social Channels (Public, Private and Secret) Included Included
Commenting, Custom Reactions, @Mentioning, #Hashtags Included Included
Organizational Charts Included Included
Blacklisted Words Included Included
Profanity Filter Included Included
Recommended Channels Included Included
People Directories
Skills, location, department, search
Included Included
People Profiles
Contact information, bio, organizational chart, badges, connections, tasks
Included Included
Badges and Kudos Included Included
Following Included Included
Recognition Included Included
Experience Management
User Experience Engine - build your own widgets, create custom content types, light developer experience
Included Included
Grid and Widget Page Builder Included Included
Audience and Device Segmentation Included Included
Real Time Reporting Included Included
Dashboard Widgets Included Included
Custom Dashboards Included Included
Adoption Reports Included Included
Out-of-the-box Intranet Included Included
Deployed in Weeks Included Included
Hosting – Cloud, Hybrid, On Premise Included Included
Roadmap Updates Included Included
Microsoft Gold Partner Included Included
Pay Per User Pricing Included Included
Award Winning UI Included Included
Enterprise Search Included Included
Single Sign On Included Included
Security Permissions
Security groups and roles, private pages, in-built inheritance
Included Included
iOS and Android Apps Included Included
Branded App with MDM Integration Additional Fee Additional Fee
Dedicated Hardware Additional Fee Additional Fee
Office 365
Integration with SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, Skype
SharePoint Included
OneDrive Included
Yammer Included
Skype Included
Box Additional Fee Additional Fee
Workday Additional Fee Additional Fee
API Integrations Additional Fee Additional Fee
Unily Success
Exclusive network designed to drive maximum user adoption and business value
Success Portal Included Included
Community Events Included Included
Exclusive Content Included Included
Knowledge Base Included Included
Onboarding Program Included Included
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Included Included
Monthly Adoption Reports Included Included
24/7 Support Included Included
Online Ticket Tracking Included Included
Design Service Included Included
Intranet Migration
JUMP (Jive to Unily Migration Program) and other provider migration services
Additional Fee Additional Fee
ISO 27001:2013 Certification Included Included
GDPR Compliant Included Included
SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) Certification Included Included
Continuous Backups Included Included
IP Restriction Management Included Included
Penetration Tested and Certified Included Included
Intrusion Detection System Included Included
Data Domicile Options Included Included
Data Encryption Included Included
  • Included
  • Additional Fee

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Unily has worked with customers from all verticals to develop unique digital experiences that transform communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. Every project we take on is another opportunity to demonstrate the agility of the product and the reliability of our established success framework.


With a diverse mix of support staff, security guards, groundsmen and coaches split across three sites, the club needed a simple way to modernize the flow of information to every employee, while improving processes and streamlining tools. A ready-to-go intranet platform was the answer in the shape of Unily, the first of its kind for Saints.

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Access to the right knowledge is business critical for Penspen employees, who provide customised engineering and project management services to the oil and gas industry to develop and rehabilitate energy assets across the entire project lifecycle. With a legacy intranet based on SharePoint 2010 unable to keep up with their requirements, they chose a Unily intranet for more flexibility, supporting a solid central platform for knowledge management.

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Global manufacturing organization dorma+kaba gave their users a united intranet platform that catered to 17,000 multilingual and diverse users. Read their case study to learn more about how Unily allows dorma+kaba to innovate from within using social networking and how they increased internal communications readership by 800%.

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