Intranet Analytics. Measure performance, drive adoption.

Having up-to-date usage analytics is a must-have tool, helping you understand all aspects of your intranet’s performance. Unily’s dynamic analytics reports give you rich analysis of how engaged your staff are with the intranet and with your business goals. Our clients use them daily to shape their adoption strategy, operational governance, and to protect their technology investment.

Analytics reports are powerful, dynamic and extensive, using Microsoft’s Power BI data visualization tools to present insights in an easy-to-understand format, perfect for your intranet managers reporting to senior stakeholders.

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Powerful capabilities. For big business benefits.

Our Unily Analytics service provides you with powerful capabilities driving big-business results. Quickly analyze how your employees interact with their essential news, information and tools in their daily work, helping you measure staff adoption, driving your intranet’s on-going development and justifying its future investment.

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Track Usage

Track all aspects of how staff are using your content daily. With date and content filters, track content views, sessions, popular topics, search, popular profiles, top sites, top authored content, locations, languages and more.

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Data Visualization

At the end of each day, the data is automatically updated providing you with the freshest insights on staff behavior. Metrics are displayed in easy-to-analyze charts, graphs and tables that can be shared with other users or downloaded giving your business the big picture, fast.

Engagement search filter

Compare Engagement

Compare how well staff are engaging with your content — between different date ranges, content types or from roles or departments — helping you understand what types of content perform best. Comparisons are easy to run straight from the analytics dashboard.

Adoption stats showing totals of user views and sessions

Measure Adoption

Our reports are geared to provide you with daily insights into how well your staff are adopting your intranet, helping you understand key adoption patterns. This insight will help you discover what’s working and what’s not, enabling you to adjust your governance strategy as necessary.

Pie chart showing user adoption behavior

Drive Future Development

Analytics and insights into staff behavior will help you both understand where the gaps in capability are and what to do next. This crucial insight will help inform your wider business of new areas to develop or how to adjust your current tools and content to make your staff even more productive.

Chart showing total sessions by date

Measure investment

By gaining insight into usage of your new intranet, you can provide business stakeholders with the statistics they need to justify the investment. With our powerful reports, you can provide your leadership the metrics they need to do more with Unily.

Analytics and adoption support. To guide your ongoing strategy.

Our Customer Success team keep on top of all aspects of your intranet’s performance, helping you to derive golden insights. Using Unily’s daily analytics insights, they will help you optimize your content, notifying when improvements need to be made, while keeping your intranet's strategy and governance on track.

During your review sessions, your Success Manager will take you through your intranet’s performance data, providing you with a clear actionable set of insights and metrics. We'll provide everything that you need to report back to the intranet management team, content authors, and most importantly, your business leadership team. Some popular statistics to help shape your adoption strategy are:

Page Impressions
Dwell Time
Popular Content
Unique Users
Popular Searches
Visits by Country
Device Usage
Browser Usage
Visits by Time

Power BI integration. Create insightful dashboards in seconds.

PowerBi is Microsoft’s leading data visualization tool. All our reports make use of its extensive features, giving you everything you need to keep on top of your intranet’s performance. Snapshots of key metrics and performance indicators or drilling into the detail is easily done via our simple-to-use reporting interface. Our reports are updated daily, designed to be shared, giving you all the answers you will need.

Intranet metrics dashboard

Unily Hub and Engage. What do you get?

Unily has two unique licensing models designed to address the needs of your specific worker profiles. Unily Hub is our Office 365 integrated solution for those employees who require full access to collaboration and productivity tools, while Unily Engage is available for users who may not require an Office 365 account, such as those working off-site in a warehouse environment. Unily analytics tracks activity across both your Unily Hub and Unily Engage users, giving you a comprehensive overview of usage across your intranet.

Features Hub Engage
Office 365 Integrated
Internal communications
People profiles
Document Management SharePoint + OneDrive + Unily Documents Unily documents
People & groups directory
Social networking Yammer / Unily Social Unily Social
Instant Messaging Skype for Business
Collaboration Sites SharePoint Sites + Unily Sites + Tribes Unily Sites + Tribes
Apps and tools
Content management
Mobile app
Push notifications
Customer success program
Evergeen roadmap features
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We’ve worked with clients across all sectors and sizes, from UK based football clubs looking to improve internal communications to multi-lingual global enterprises who rely on Unily to be the central hub of digital activity for up to 120,000 users. Dive into our customer stories and videos to learn more about our clients and the unique ways they work with our flexible product.


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Monsoon Accessorize relies on a business model of centralized decision making with information and instructions cascaded out to stores on a daily basis. Geographical diversity and a lack of desktops at the retail end can make communication harder than it needs to be. Watch our video as we go inside Monsoon's stunning London Headquarters as they chat about the impact Unily is having to break down communication siloes.

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Monsoon Accessorize


The Hershey Company is one of the world’s largest providers of snack products, spreading cheer among consumers who delight on treats such as the original Hershey Kiss. In our case study video, go inside this unique organization to learn how a Unily intranet supports their global workforce.

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