Social intranet. That's engaging and fresh.

Unily is an innately social platform. Social capabilities are threaded throughout the experience, empowering users to react, comment and share with their colleagues at every turn. With a mobile experience that's as easy and intuitive as the desktop equivalent, every employee has the ability to participate and be heard from any location, on any device. Public, private and secret channel options give you the ability to target conversations to specific audiences, providing endless possibilities for starting new dialogues and facilitating better communication throughout your workforce.

Enterprise social on a laptop and mobile

Feature-full. Enterprise social features that connect your workforce.

From Yammer to Unily Social, Unily offers a host of functionality to ensure no-one gets left out of the conversation.

Private social channel

Public, Private and Secret Channels

Channel options give you the ability to target conversations to different audiences. This in-built flexibility allows you to keep your dialogue as open or closed as you deem necessary. Company-wide discussions can take place on an open forum, whilst project specific or confidential conversations remain private.

Social reactions

Commenting, Custom Reactions, @Mentioning, #Hashtags

Familiar social features make participating in the conversation instinctive. The ability to comment and react is embedded across all content, putting social at the heart of the Unily experience. Custom reactions give you the ability to personalize the user experience so its unique to your enterprise.

Mobile push notification showing badge award

Badges and Kudos

Gamification tools allow employees to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the social space and in the wider business. Badges can be awarded by users with permission while kudos offers a peer-to-peer recognition option that helps build positive company culture.

Content following push notification


Employees can choose to follow pages, channels and people to receive updates when new content is published. Users will receive push notifications to alert them to new content, creating a personal experience that cuts through the noise.

Intranet people directory

People Directories

A people's directory removes the physical boundaries that traditionally separate your workforce, allowing employees to discover colleagues from different locations and departments. Users can search by name, department, skill and various other criteria, facilitating new, fruitful connections.

Unily organizational chart showing reporting hierarchy

Organizational Charts

Organizational charts provide a simple way of understanding the structure of different departments at a glance. Each employee's profile will display an organizational chart which provides detail of their superiors and subordinates, so colleagues from other departments can easily work out their best route of contact for different situations.

Successful social networks. With dedicated customer success.

Unily would be nothing without its dedicated customer success services to ensure you get the most out of your investment. As part of your subscription, our customer success team can provide advice and support to ensure your enterprise social network is the hub of your intranet. Throughout launch-phase, awareness and engagement are our top priorities. We will help you to establish social champions across the business who can demonstrate good practice and stimulate engagement. We’ll also work with you to determine effective social network governance, advising on how best to monitor conversations, promote new usage and keep the platform productive. Using Unily’s in-built analytics to measure the uptake of your social platform, we can help you derive insights on what’s working best and what could be improved. It is this extensive post-deployment support that will transform your social network into a powerful engagement tool that supports the entire intranet.

Success services

Social networking. At the heart of Unily.

In a noisy social space, the sheer volume of content can be overwhelming. Unily has developed a number of tools to make it easy to cut through the noise and find the content that matters.

Social searching gives users an easy way of finding the information they need. Using a familiar centralized search, users can filter through conversations by keywords, hashtags, channels or people to seek out content that matches their requirements in seconds.

Users can also choose to follow pages, channels and people to receive updates when new content is published. Not only does this allow employees to tailor their intranet experience to meet their needs, but it delivers an efficient way of staying up to date with content identified as being relevant. Push notifications alert users to updates, ensuring they stay in the know and driving traffic to the digital workplace.

Responsive social news post

Unily Social or Yammer. Social for every scenario.

Unily has two unique licensing models designed to address the needs of your specific worker profiles. Unily Hub is our Office 365 integrated solution for those employees who require full access to collaboration and productivity tools, while Unily Engage is available for users who may not require an Office 365 account, such as those working off-site in a retail store. If your users are a combination of Hub and Engage users, Unily’s unique social platform Unily Social ensures that every employee has access to cutting edge social capabilities, with or without an Office 365 license. If your users are all Office 365 focused, Yammer is seamlessly integrated out-of-the-box.

Social Unily Social logo Yammer logo
Public and Private Channels Included Included
Secret Channels Included
External User Invites Included Included
Search Included Included
Desktop and Push Notifications Included Included
Following Included Included
Discovery Feed Included Included
Office 365
Integration with the Office 365 apps
Included Included
Mobile Responsive Included Included
Choose Where Data is Stored Included
Reactions Included
Email Notifications Included
Threaded Conversations Included Included
Images Included Included
Analytics Included Included
Profanity Filter Included
Commenting, @Mentioning, #Hashtags Included Included
Place Feeds on any Unily Page Included Included

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Unily has worked with customers from all verticals to develop unique digital experiences that transform communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. Every project we take on is another opportunity to demonstrate the agility of the product and the reliability of our established success framework.

Cricket Australia

With an over-arching goal to increase the popularity of the sport, Cricket Australia needed a new way to bring together all these associations under one roof, including the players and all support staff, so they could all collaborate seamlessly.

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Cricket Australia

NFU Mutual

With its intranet jam-packed with old, disused content and a limited search function, NFU Mutual chose to revamp its intranet from top to bottom to support the complex requirements of its modern digital workplace.

Learn more

NFU Mutual


This much-loved chocolatier first adopted a Unily intranet in 2014 to reignite their internal brand presence and help connect disparate employees back into the organization. Since then, Godiva has seen multiple improvements and updates to their internal intranet site as part of Unily’s on-going roadmap.

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Unily introduces follow feature and notification upgrades

Your staff are used to personalized digital experiences. At home, their social networking account knows to push cat memes to the top of their feed, their chosen music service knows they like ballads in the morning and jazz in the evening, and their smart speaker knows what they’re favourite brand of coffee is when to remind them to order more. In the consumer world, life is getting easier and people’s expectations are changing. In the corporate world, intranets are striving to keep up.

Fortnum unites business partners with a unily digital workplace

Fortnum has a centralised model with a head office based in North Sydney that’s responsible for bringing the business and partners together through processes, compliance, communication, best practice, advice, news and cross learning.

From SoHo to NoHo: Unily opens new New York hub

After months of planning, preparation, and just a little frustration, Unily's new New York hub is finally open. Our brand new digs are located at 31 Bond St, just three blocks from our previous office on Spring and Broadway.

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