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Business relationships are vital for your organization to grow and be successful, so why cut external partners off from the rest of the company? It makes sense to treat business partners in the same way as employees by giving them access to information that helps them do their job. Doing so can help to nurture long term business relationships that benefit your enterprise, as well as your partners. Help business partners share in your company’s values and vision to help them support your organization’s goals and ambitions.

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Better collaboration

Unily helps to improve collaboration between your organization and its business partners thanks to an extensive range of features including document sharing, social channels and employee directories. This can help to breakdown silos that may currently exist between your employees and partners to improve efficiency and productivity.

The Unily digital workplace platform is packed full of features and tools to support collaboration including dedicated workspaces, intuitive applications, social feeds and the ability to invite external contributors, so that they can liaise directly with your internal employees.

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Improve communication

Transform external communications by bringing them in-house. Granting external partners access to your digital workplace will improve communication. External partners will be able to use the directory feature to find exactly who they need to talk to and can then make contact directly through the platform speeding up communication.

The Unily platform is feature-full to provide external business partners with a complete user experience through delivering essential alerts, targeting users with relevant information, keeping users informed through the broadcast center, pushing notifications to encourage people to engage with content and social networking that gives everyone a voice.

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Take your job by storm with Unily Success

We’ve had enough experience implementing digital workplace solutions to know that developing a successful intranet is about more than selecting the right technology. For your intranet to thrive, it needs to be continuously evolving. That’s why we developed Unily Success.

Unily Success is about bringing our customers together to share best-practices and innovate. Delivered through an online portal packed with resources and open discussions, as well as networking events held across the globe, our unique Success program gives customers all the support they need to get the best out of Unily.

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Take Control

The Unily platform gives you complete control. Only share what your partners need to see with secure access permission functionality. This means that any information that should only be seen by internal employees will only be seen by internal employees.

External users can also choose what they want to see themselves and personalize their own platform, helping them to cut through the noise and see what they’re interested in.

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Develop business partner relationships. Treat partners like employees.

Many companies are not taking advantage of digital technology to provide an exceptional user experience for partners. This means that organizations that do take steps to develop their business partner relationships can gain a competitive advantage. The technology exists to effectively unite your external partners with your enterprise in the form of a digital workplace platform.

Thriving organizations are adopting internal technology and creating digital workplaces that allow for better cohesion throughout the business for both employees and external partners. Improved cohesion can positively impact collaboration, communication and engagement, helping to drive positive business results.

Choose a digital workplace solution from Unily, which provides a number of expertly designed features to help you successfully engage your global workforce as well as your partners. Support your enterprise by building the foundations for a successful long-term relationship with your business partners.

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