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As an enterprise, it can be difficult to unite all digital information in one place. Your business interacts with many different users, from customers to employees and business partners. Each of these users is looking for different types of information and needs to get it fast. If not, customers will go to your competitors, employees’ productivity and efficiency will plummet and business partnerships could simply stop. How do you streamline all this information into one place whilst making it easily accessible to the specific person who needs it? The answer is Unily’s digital experience platform.

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Streamline your information. A digital experience platform for everyone.

Your company is interacting with different types of people every day. Some of them might be looking for the same information whilst others need access to different business material. How do you provide the ability for your employees to easily collaborate between each other as well as with external users without having to change platforms? How can your employees provide personalized information quickly to your customers without needing technical support every time?

Unily combines beautiful user experience with a fully integrated platform to provide a unique experience to your users, whoever they are, every single time, on any device. Our ready-made solution uses the Hendrix user-experience engine that is easy to implement without IT support and can be customized to fit your users’ needs. Unily also uses smart technology to enable your users to find everything they’re looking for, quickly. In addition, our platform easily integrates with your existing tools removing silos within the business.

Our Customer Success Managers help you build a platform that drives adoption and business value and will grow with your organization’s needs. From communicating with users, to enabling workplace collaboration or knowledge sharing, your platform is personalized to fit your goals and those of your users. This is what creates unique experiences to improve employee productivity, customer satisfaction and business partnerships’ efficiency.

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Personalize your customer experience

Unily uses smart technology to personalize your customers’ experience without restricting functionality. The content they see on your platform changes according to who they are and their particular habits. You can also empower them to personalize their experience by choosing what they want to see.

You don’t need to compromise on the look of your platform thanks to the flexibility of our powerful UX engine, Hendrix. Our outstanding CMS is easy to use without technical knowledge so that you can build customized content that reflects your brand and resonates with your audience, all working perfectly on any device.

Customer Experience
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Streamline your employees' experience

Unily’s powerful intranet enables enterprises to centralize information in one place, removing silos between departments. Our platform integrates easily with other tools such as SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer and more, to bring everything under one roof. However, stocking all this information in one place would be useless if you couldn’t access what you were looking for easily. That’s where Unily’s smart search tool comes in, enabling employees to find exactly what they’re looking for, quickly.

Your employees are all different and their needs vary widely depending on their role. At Unily, we’re very aware of this and that’s why you can easily customize your intranet to fit your staff needs. From head office to frontline, your employees will see what matters to them and will be given the tools they need to excel at their job and boost productivity and engagement.

Employee Experience
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Nurture your business relationships

Business relationships help you to grow and improve so why should they be cut off from the rest of the company? What if you could use the same fantastic platform for both employees and external partners? Unily enables easy collaboration between different teams from document sharing to social channels and directories. You can control who sees what with access permission to only share what your partners need to see. Plus, external users can also choose what they need to see themselves by personalizing the platform.

External User Experience
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Unily can bring life to your customer experience dreams. We know that every business is different. Therefore, we won’t try and push you down the same old paths. We want to learn what you and your customer yearn for and work hard to help you deliver that, time and time again for the benefit of your business.

Our clients. Intranet solutions for the enterprise.

Unily has worked with customers from all verticals to develop unique digital experiences that transform communication, collaboration, engagement and productivity. Every project we take on is another opportunity to demonstrate the agility of the product and the reliability of our established success framework.


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