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Our complimentary design service takes your branding guidelines and applies them to Unily, creating a set of designs that give you a feel for how Unily would look for you. Using real content from your organization, there’s no better way to create a buzz about your new intranet.

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One of the unique differentiators of Unily when compared to other digital workplaces is its inherent flexibility when it comes to customization, extensibility and integration with data that resides within other line of business applications or external systems. The primary reason for this is that Unily is designed, implemented and managed from the ground up, with no interdependencies on any other applications such as SharePoint. Being fully hosted and built within the Microsoft Azure cloud, we also have the ability to leverage Azure based services and components at our finger tips. This can help us build lean, yet powerful customizations and integrations, very quickly in an agile manner. Whether these are Office 365 customizations, custom data feeds, an SAP based workflow, third party application integration or a hybrid search integration, Unily’s powerful platform is extensible and customizable.


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