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Every great enterprise needs transparent and timely communication. A corporate intranet brings employees, stakeholders and teams closer together whether they work in the same office, remotely, or even globally. Advancements in internal communications and cloud technology have made intranet platforms an indispensable tool for large and dispersed workforces. The era of clunky, ugly and slow intranets is truly over. Today’s enterprise intranets are sleek and easy to navigate, making them an essential platform for content management and collaboration within large businesses. Unily’s out-of-the-box corporate intranet solutions have been tailored to help some of the world’s most successful businesses. Shell, Microsoft and L’Oréal are just a few of the big-name companies that have benefited from our expertise.

A one-stop platform that increases productivity

At its most basic level, an intranet should solve problems. Unily provides an internal communications solution in one central platform, giving your team access to all the tools they need to effectively perform in their role. It seamlessly integrates with a range of cloud and application software including G-Suite, BOX, Office 365, and SAP. Users can bookmark their favorite applications and cut search time. It streamlines workflow and approval processes, making it easy for any team member to update and publish content with direct approval from their manager. Empower staff with ownership of content creation minus the time-consuming bureaucratic hurdles and sign-offs from senior management.

Unily sites provide a central platform to create easy-to-find pages to book annual leave, submit expenses and carry out other day-to-day business. This makes it easier for both managers and employees to access the relevant information without trawling through months of emails. Streamlined processes increase efficiency since everything from searching for a staff profile in the organizational directory to submitting expenses is based in a central location. By finding information and colleagues in one online location, your staff will greatly increase their day-to-day productivity wherever they are based in the world.

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A secure place to do business

Enterprises work with a large number of stakeholders, suppliers and contractors. A corporate intranet is a secure place for external parties to access the information they need while keeping your internal business invisible to them. Different access levels keep your confidential information secure but also encourage collaboration with third parties. For example, freelancers can confirm purchase orders, submit invoices and read contracts within your corporate intranet when administrators can actively manage their access rights for viewing, submitting and editing content.

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  • McDonald's
  • AIG
  • Cardinal Health
  • ELC
  • Shell
  • Baker Hughes
  • L'Oreal
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Canon
  • BD
  • EY
  • Comcast
  • CVS
  • Cognizant
  • J&J
  • Best Buy
  • ADP
  • AMEX

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Create a strong corporate brand culture across departments and borders

The nature of corporate culture means that offices are spread over vast distances and international borders. Your headquarters are the hub of the company and often serve as the central location where executive decisions are made, but a corporate intranet is a shared workplace for all staff. Unily’s global and multilingual intranet with built-in machine translation makes it easy for all staff to share content, receive corporate messages and stay on brand. The features of social commenting and reactions encourage them to connect and forge bonds with co-workers. When staff feel valued, they’re more motivated and act as brand ambassadors. Quality intranet software ensures your international employees are always kept in the loop.

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Secure and scalable information management across all devices

A corporate intranet puts HR tools, collaboration tools, documents, forms, policies, training tools and more at the fingertips of your global workforce. It meets the needs of all users, regardless of location or device. Unily’s enterprise intranets are available on desktops but also incorporate a mobile application. Unily’s mobile-powered corporate intranet solutions are essential for reaching a dispersed workforce with timely, relevant information. This enables consultants and frontline workers to collaborate and quickly access the company’s news and policies without having to use multiple apps. Our bespoke corporate intranet solutions provide a high level of scalability, personalization and responsive design across all devices to engage employees at every level. Smart search functions enable users to access and share knowledge at the touch of a button, promoting transparency and collaboration.

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