Cloud extranet for the enterprise. Putting the power of the Cloud into your platform.

A cloud extranet has a similar goal to your company’s intranet. It improves internal communications by streamlining daily activities and engaging users. The main difference is that it provides third parties with secure access to all the tools and resources they need to work with your company at any time, from any device. As our workforces become more mobile, cloud-based extranets are providing enterprises with the technology to communicate, collaborate and drive productivity effectively. Unily's award-winning cloud extranet combines beautiful design with unparalleled functionality to deliver a best-in-class digital workplace solution that enables vendors, suppliers, customers and other third parties to securely communicate with your company. With deep integration capabilities that let you share knowledge, documents and data with specific outside parties, our cloud extranet offers the complete digital collaboration package.

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Discover how an intranet can help you get the most value from your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint investment.

Deploy a cloud extranet faster

Unily is fast to deploy. Our cloud solution allows global enterprises to adopt leading extranet functionality without the usual time and cost constraints. A platform-as-a-service, our core product is ready to use out-of-the-box, which means you could be implementing your new cloud extranet in a matter of weeks. All subscriptions include support from our renowned customer success team, who use their years of experience to guide you through every stage of the process. This includes branding the extranet to your requirements, technical configurations and educating your team on a best practice user adoption success plan. Unily’s unique architecture allows the platform to be tailored and extended with ease. Any functional customizations are overseen by the customer success and development team, helping to ensure your customizations are delivered efficiently and effectively.

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Scalable to your needs

The key to business success is being able to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. The same is true of extranets. You need your enterprise technology that is capable of evolving with your business. Whether you're scaling up or cutting back, Unily's subscription model means your platform always keeps pace with your needs.

Unily gives you access to leading cloud collaboration for a manageable annual subscription, based on numbers of users. Hosted on the cloud, your extranet has the ability to grow with you, letting you add and remove users easily without the need to consider IT infrastructure.

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Unite apps and tools in a single solution

A Unily extranet isn't just a communication or collaboration tool. It's a holistic digital workplace that gives your employees all the tools and resources they need to work anywhere, from any device. It also allows them to work with chosen suppliers, contractors and vendors through password-protected access to your platform. This is particularly useful for any collaboration and brainstorming exercises as it streamlines the workflow and eliminates the need for time-consuming emails and phone calls. Our deep integration capabilities allow for seamless integration with best-in-class enterprise software from Office 365 to G-Suite, so your employees and external partners always have the best tool for the job at their fingertips. A cloud extranet provides a secure storage system for saving contracts, purchase orders, invoices and other important information. This private information can be accessed 24/7 by the right people through permission control, which leads to faster turnaround times.

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From creating a launch strategy to reviewing monthly analytics, our dedicated Onboarding, Customer Success, and Support teams provide personalized guidance to bring your employee experience goals to life. Inspiration is always around the corner with an active community available 24/7 on our exclusive customer portal, Universe, plus an annual digital workplace conference like no other – Unite.


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  • Adecco
  • L'Oreal
  • Canon
  • Aetna
  • BD
  • Santander
  • Telstra
  • Verizon
  • Cathay Pacific
  • NHS
  • PVH
  • British Airways
  • Comcast

Great-looking intranet experiences. For any device.

Unily is not just responsively designed for mobile, it is adapted for every device with native Apps for iOS, Android and Windows available from the app store. The mobile intranet experience on Unily goes beyond the ability to receive content passively, allowing users to dynamically search for what they need, complete forms and participate in conversations through enterprise social networking. Access to the people directory enables employees to locate their colleagues and connect with them directly. Unily brings mobile employees back into the fold and allows them to collaborate anywhere, anytime.

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