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Fortnum Private Wealth is an Australia Financial Services Licensee specialising in client- centric advice with offices based in multiple locations Australia wide.

The organization has a centralized model with a head office based in North Sydney that’s responsible for bringing the employees and their advisers together processes, compliance, communication, best practice, advice, news and cross learning. Each Fortnum practice is an individual business with its own hardware and software in place.

With the company growing and highly successful, Fortnum wanted to take this to the next level, implementing efficient and cost-effective digital workplace technology to unite their business, future-proofing their ability to find, share and learn from each other. However, as each Fortnum practice is an individual business with its own software, one of the challenges was to ensure global users could access an intranet without the need for increasing Office 365 licenses.

Unily managed to handle the challenges associated with Fortnum's unique IT infrastructure with a fast deployment of a company intranet in just 6 weeks.

Discover how the challenges were navigated and how Unily's intranet software transformed Fortnum's business and operations by downloading the case study below.

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Fortnum. Download the case study.

Download the complete case study for a deep dive into Fortnum's intranet platform and exclusive screenshots.

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